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  1. Marcus Santana Northern Nightmare Awesomekong13#2071
  2. Truck: Introvert Discord: Awesomekong13#2071 Hometown: Tacoma, Washington Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/d713l12qx61480o/Introvert.zip/file Truck Song:
  3. Marcus Santana Marcussantana253@gmail.com Mohawk Warrior
  4. Name:Marcus Santana Truck:Mohawk Warrior AIM:Marcussantana253@gmail.com
  5. Marcus Santana marcussantana253@gmail.com Mohawk Warrior
  6. Stomper_Bully_13 GTA V Madden 16
  7. Name:Marcus Santana Aim: marcussantana253@gmail.com Truck: Madusa WFXVI Track Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/b9sxjbqah0bbtjj/Madusa15%26MadusaWFXVI.zip
  8. Name: Marcus Santana AIM: Marcussantana253@gmail.com Truck: Madusa WFXVI Link:
  9. Does this just overwrite one of the trucks that are in Devin's truck pack??
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