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  1. Team Destruction


  2. Team Destruction

    Awesome Kong II

  3. Team Destruction

    ROR Downloads

    Ok thanks bro!
  4. Team Destruction

    ROR Downloads

  5. Team Destruction

    ROR Downloads

    Hey there! I'm looking for all the downloads I need to play ROR. Any addons if needed!
  6. Team Destruction

    Show Your Projects Chapter 33

    WOW! I leave for 2 months and in 2 months you guys just gave me the excitement. Maybe one day I'll come back.
  7. Team Destruction

    Favorite Drink?

    Iced Tea. Mostly just lemon but some peach.
  8. Team Destruction

    Show Your Junk Chapter 30

    All of these projects are astonishing guys! Just WOW! Amazing work!
  9. Team Destruction

    Monster Jam's new game

    My game goes smooth but the game overall is turrible.
  10. Team Destruction

    Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" Thread 2014

    Outstanding freestyle by Titan and a great save by Max-D.
  11. Team Destruction

    New Year's at Remond

    Jared Murillo Blue Thunder (not 2013) cokito994@gmail.com May not make it and I might lag alittle.
  12. Team Destruction

    Christmas list/what did you get thread

    HP MAC Computer Shirts Pants Shoes ect $83 Not what I wanted but atleast I spent time with family and friends.
  13. Team Destruction

    Looks like I'm done :(

    Well when opening my present I got a computer but it was a MAC so through the one year of my career I had the best time with my friends. As typing this I'm crying but in the future I may return. To all you Sim-Monster's People I give you good hope till the end of the extinction for this game to go on for it further upgrade I say Good Bye. P.S I'll be checking Sim-Monsters Daily.