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  1. they look amazing. sorta of noticed that the KC lights on Power Wheels and Bigfoot seem to be hovering slightly over the body. Other then that awesome job the look fantastic
  2. Name: The Avenger Discord: 1897_Baldwin_7#6660 80's Truck: Excaliber #1 90's Truck: Snake Bite
  3. Hey guys i know i said that we are no longer a sim monster League but i hop you guys would like to see our last season on Twitch. Our first Broadcast will be January 6th at 6pm Eastern Stander ed Time. https://www.twitch.tv/1897_baldwin_7 here is the link feel free to follow.
  4. the avenger

    A goodbye

    I want to say thank you to all the Staff and the friends ive made from this league but our last season we are going back to our roots and in which that means we wont be posting updates or event schedules on here those who we are friends with us can join us. im sorry but please know one ask to join us from here because this page will be defunct and no longer used. So Rigs Of Rods Fun Series says thank you and so long. The Avenger
  5. Jim Sending it over the XFINITY Grandstands.
  6. Sud getting some serious air during his Freestyle run.
  7. After seeing the largest line up in Funseries history we have crowned our two champions. In Racing Marty came in as the #1 seed from his great season in racing. But in the finals he had to pull a long shot. In the Finals Preston Perez who had been in and out this season came back and made it to the finals to go up against marty. The race was tight in to the final turn where Marty made the better turn to take out Preston in the finals making Marty the 4th Racing Champion. Then we went to freetyle. Trent filled in for War Machince in fs in pirates curse, Trent held the lead for 16 truck. Then Captain Canada came out and put down one of his best run in the final in his Mr Destruction truck. But that lead would be short lived. Two truck Later Sava who had been in the hunt for the points championship in Freestyle but lost to Avenger, Came out and put down an amazing run and pulled of the first ever landed front flip in RORFS history and he took the lead with a 41. with only three trucks left Sava had to watch as The Avenger in the BLue avenger went out but crashed early in a front flip but was shut off, but he was not done he kept going not caring about the score he received for his short 48 second run and he left the fans in shock putting on a encore run that could have put up a big number but like i said for no point. Then the season 2 freestyle champion Trenton Ray was up. He started big and his run looked promising but one of the big stack on the MROR4 track bit him and caused him to go over early. Then it was time for last season's freestyle Champion Chevy Evolution. He started out a little slow but he started to pick it up a little late in the run and just as he entered bonus he fliped ending his. every one was surprised of what happend and Sava would become the RORFS world freestyle champion and the only two time Champion in rorfs history. so our two champions are Marty in Blacksmith in Racing and Sava in Northen Nightmare in freestyle.
  8. Sadly No. You will have to wait for the season 5 sign ups
  9. Its come down to the end and we are getting ready to crown our RORFS racing and Freestyle Champion this Saturday April 1st. The event will start at 3:30 pm EST with drivers meeting at 3pm EST. It will be live on twitch https://www.twitch.tv/1897_baldwin_7 and I hope to see you guys there this week. Remember drivers meeting at 3pm EST racing starting at 3:30 PM EST
  10. Here we go guys its come down to the last week. we are making our last stop at Syracuse2015 and before WF4 at MROR 4. Sign ups are open event will start at 4pm EST with drivers meeting at 3:30 PM EST. http://www.mediafire.com/file/riyhfe23ymg9dha/Syracuse2015.zip
  11. Well Guys we are just now two events away from world finals. and our next stop is back in Canada this time Vancouver 2014. Sign up below if you are able to make it. Event will start at 3:30 pm EST with drivers meeting at 3pm EST and it is this Saturday.
  12. Hey guys we are back and its the final push to world finals. Sign up like usual and let me know if you are able to make it this saturday with Drivers Meeting at 3pm EST and racing starting at 3:30 pm EST
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