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  1. BUZZSAW688

    Houston 2015 (1st Show)

    Anyone have this for 0.37?
  2. BUZZSAW688

    Oakland 2015 (.0.4.+ Compatible)

    Anyone have this for .37?
  3. BUZZSAW688

    Grave Digger XX pack

    I love the pack. But feel like the trucks are a little too loose, as in they turn over really easily
  4. BUZZSAW688

    Strait Jacket 2015

    Ok cool thanks
  5. BUZZSAW688

    Strait Jacket 2015

    For me on 0.37 the Fluffy Body, Shocks, etc don't show up. Only the Chassis, axials, tires, rims show up. Also how would I change the sounds to be the same as Midnight Riders sounds?