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  1. Bigfoot21

    V4 questions

    Figured it out, thanks for your help monsterjam9876
  2. Bigfoot21

    V4 questions

    Thanks on the rear steer, works great. Trouble I'm having with the stadiums is i can't get into a truck. My guys is just walking around the stadium.
  3. Bigfoot21

    V4 questions

    What are the buttons for rear steer in the 4.7 version? Also once I've downloaded a stadium how do I get into a truck? My guy is just standing outside the stadium.
  4. Bigfoot21

    [TRUCK] Optimus Prime (Custom)

    Its the new version.
  5. Bigfoot21

    Show Your Projects Chapter 37

    Thumbs up on the Trasher, that's pretty darn cool!
  6. Bigfoot21


    Name: Hemi-cide Body: Modified Dodge A-100 (Little Red Wagon) Chassis: Concussion chassis (shortened) Paint (images of color/graphics): Other details:
  7. Bigfoot21

    Over Exposed

    Name: Over Exposed Body: Carbon fiber panels Chassis: Custom curve chassis Paint (images of color/graphics): Other details:
  8. Bigfoot21

    El Toro Loco (yellow)

    Thanks RockCrwlr, really appriciate it. Have to agree with you on Ironman, probably one of my favorites too. MonsterJam2008, this is my own design. Got a handfull of others I've changed up like The Dark Knight, Monster Energy Dakar and Avenger Nomad. Then I have some original trucks like Over Exposed, Derailed and Hemi-cide.
  9. Bigfoot21

    El Toro Loco (yellow)

    Name: El Toro Loco Body: Custom 3D Bull cab and front clip, baja style fenders Chassis: Concussion Paint (images of color/graphics): Other details: Think it would look better with the largers horns to keep them tucked in against the cab.
  10. Bigfoot21


    Was brand new to Blender when I made that and almost positive its not correct for putting in the game. Plus see what some of you guys can do you could make it so much better especially with the tires and drivetrain.
  11. Bigfoot21


    Name: Derailed Body: Custom steam locomotive Chassis: Concussion Paint (images of color/graphics): As shown Other details: Axles don't matter but would like zoomy type headers that extend outside the body like in the picture please.
  12. Bigfoot21

    Show Your Projects Chapter 34

    I like it even better then Wambo. :-)
  13. Bigfoot21

    Show Your Projects Chapter 34

    Something I just posted yesterday morning. Looks like we think alike.
  14. Bigfoot21

    Show Your Projects Chapter 26

    Was going to try making a indy suspension truck.....ya beat me to it.