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Hello, my name is Mark/Squidward. I made my debut in Rigs Of Rods way back at the Pittsburgh event of RORMJ driving El Matador, and getting surprise fast qualifier. I drove there throughout the remainder of the season. Then I started my career here on Sim Monsters. I was not around for Sim Monsters Season 1, but made my debut in Sim Monsters Season 2 driving Donkey Kong. I started slow, always being decent in freestyle, but I really lacked in racing. Near the end of the season is where I started to shine, making 2 final round races in a row. My first big win came at the Custom Series Finale driving my own creation, Night Rider. My next win came at All Monsters Eve 2, this time during the racing portion, in another one of my trucks, Grim Reaper. I have since taken numerous wins in King Of The Hill, which included a full event sweep somewhere along the way. I am looking to pick up where I left off in Sim Monsters Season 3 piloting Bounty Hunter. My contributions have earned me a spot on the Moderating team to aid the other Sim Monsters staff members, which I cannot thank enough for this opportunity.


I work in Blender, making anything from tracks, to trucks, to chassis and much more. I release content regularly.


I also have my own league, Outlaws Racing League, which you can get more information here: http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/forum/54-orl/. Season 2 is under way, and we are always looking for new competitors!


Hopefully you learned a little about me and my career here in Rigs Of Rods. Don't be afraid to contact me on either the site or other ways of contact listed below. If you see me in online say Hi.

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