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  1. New Nascar game!! Nascar Heat Evolution! Opinions?

    It can't be as bad as Eutechnyx games so that's good.
  2. Show Your Projects Chapter 48

    Nice. I always would have liked a version mixed between the two. I always felt the original was too dark and the WF2 version was way to bright. So it looks good so far, but I think the name should be just a smidge higher.
  3. Show Your Projects Chapter 48

    Wasn't there two versions of Goldberg? The one in 2000 was a darker gold and the one for the 2001 World Finals was a more bright gold.
  4. Anyone going to MetLife Stadium this year?

    Yep. Driving the whole two hours up. Totally worth it.
  5. Wild Thang 2015

  6. World Finals 16

  7. Wild Thang 2015

    Truck looks great and drives great! Great job!
  8. titan world finals xvi

    No I don't make trucks, I'm not really that talented. We buy them from some lady who gets them every year, but doesn't go. I'm guessing she just renews them. We just started buying since 2010 and it's a great experience. Everyone down there is super nice.
  9. titan world finals xvi

    Man this video seems so familiar, but I just don't know what it is about it.
  10. World Finals 16

    From what I saw in a different thread Klayton had almost completed both of those tracks. If someone that wants to finish those tracks wants to try and get in touch with him, they could be finished. I'm okay with waiting on it though.
  11. Linsey Weenk. He's long overdue for a World Championship.
  12. Taking Track Requests

    I really like Orlando 2008! Can you make it? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1sVZIlVefU Here's the racing and freestyle in one vid!
  13. World Finals 5

    It was my favorite World Finals track. I loved it and cant find it anywhere!
  14. IDS 2013 Spring Signups

    Name: Joseph Rutkowski Truck: Big Dawg Age: 14 Bio: Played MTM2 for atleast 4 years. Just started playing ROR a year ago. Love monster trucks. Umm yea I think thats about it.
  15. State of Sim-Monsters Season 3, and Beyond

    I would be interested!