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  1. maxdfan38

    Rosemont 2013

  2. maxdfan38

    Car You Want to Crush The Most

    Pontiac Aztek. Please, murder it. Just please...
  3. maxdfan38

    What is your favorite game?

    Xbox 360: Can't decide between Forza 4 or Forza Horizon PSP: (Have not played in forever) Gran Turismo PC: Rigs of Rods
  4. maxdfan38

    Monster Truck Video Thread

    Jeez, that Sunoco sign gets no love at all! lol
  5. maxdfan38

    SSRS Video Coverage Thread

    I like the use of Three Days Grace in all these videos.
  6. maxdfan38

    V5 Blog

    Are the tachometers and speedometers going to work, and be synced with the speed and RPM's of the truck? Just curious.
  7. maxdfan38

    Release Date for 10th Anniversary Trucks

    I finished watching it. It's not out yet? lol
  8. maxdfan38

    East Rutherford (MetLife Stadium) 2012

    Soon enough, someone's gonna do a corkscrew and upload it to YouTube. Pretty safe bet. lolz.
  9. maxdfan38

    Version 4.5 Beta Release

    Was I the only one expecting a screamer? lols nice prank.
  10. So here's my problem. When I go to add truck sounds to trucks, and it asks me to copy and replace and such and such, it works, but only on custom trucks, or trucks that I added to the pack. It never works on V4 trucks. Basically, to better understand, when I add the sounds, it adds them to added trucks, but not the trucks in the V4 pack, for the trucks in the V4 pack, the sounds are the regular sounds, and not the ones added. For further, possibly needed information, the pack and extra trucks are under the "vehicles" pack in the Rigs of Rods folder, and when the thing asks me to "Copy and Replace" and such, I pick "Copy and Replace", after that I clear then regen the cache, and the sounds only go to the added trucks, and not the trucks in the V4 pack. I would appreciate some help, if there is any. Thanks.
  11. maxdfan38

    Tom's Double Backflip Attempt MaxD

    If anything, I'm expecting someone will make an East Rutherford track, and then someone else will make a video of them double backflipping or something.