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  1. Trenton Ray's AwAkEnD

  2. (tracks) Retina Fairgrounds

    View File Retina Fairgrounds Credit for the props on the track go to their respected creators. Hope you enjoy! Submitter Trenton Ray Submitted 12/11/2017 Category Tracks  
  3. Retina Fairgrounds

    Version 1.0.0


    Credit for the props on the track go to their respected creators. Hope you enjoy!
  4. Season 4 Sign Up (CLOSED)

    Have You Participated in SMRA Prior to this Season?: Yes Name: Trenton RayHometown: Farmington, MissouriPreferred Event Day: Saturday Truck Name: AwakenedTruck Download Link: TBA Team Name: Royal RedHomeTown / Shop Location: Spokane WA,Captain: Brandon ScalfBudget: $30,000Members: Nathan Smith, David Trevino, Brandon Scalf, TrentonTouring Partners/Groups: Nathan Smith, David Trevino, Brandon Scalf, Trenton Ray (West)
  5. October 1st - Fun Run @ Syracuse, New York ~ 2017

    Trenton Ray Identity Theft You know it. Sign up for Brandon (because he is banned for some reason) Brandon Scalf Junk Yard Dog You have it
  6. Show Your Projects Chapter 56

    Listen man, I know you can put a lot more effort into them then that, I can tell from the looks of it that there is still quite a bit of work to be done. Just try harder, I'm not gonna say anything else but that.
  7. 0.4.6 - Return Fun Run @ Southaven 2016 - 12/4/16

    Trenton Ray Identity Theft Discord: Trenton Ray
  8. Missing files for Xtermigator 2016.

  9. Fun Run TONIGHT 4/26/15 @ 7:00 EST

    I'm in
  10. Fun Run @ St. Louis, Missouri - 4/8/16

    Identity Theft
  11. Fun Run @ Salinas 2015 - 4/7/16 *TODAY*

    Truck:Razin Kane (V4) Aim: To get in the server as fast as possible.
  12. Fun Run @ Dayton, Ohio - 4/5/16 *TODAY*

  13. Sydney 2013 Fun Run - 4/2/2016

    Barbarian (V4) owned1,5631@gmail.com
  14. Fun Run @ East Rutherford 2014 - 3/29/16 *TODAY*

    This is a signup for a person who cannot reply to the post. Frank Collins madbulldog9912345@aim.com