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  1. Your Favorite Moment at a Monster Truck Event

    Ill never forget going to my first Monster Jam event in a stadium in New Orleans 2008. Neil Elliott's freestyle in Max-D was the craziest thing I have ever seen.
  2. Loading Error

    I am having this loading error whenever I try to start my game it instantly crashes. You can see the screenshot I took of the error in the link below. http://s566.photobucket.com/user/tforbes_2009/media/Screenshot 45_zpsiy7aewko.png.html?sort=3&o=0 If anyone can help me that would be great.
  3. Will ROR work on a Mac?

  4. Will ROR work on a Mac?

    So Im about to start doing freelance design full time and I am going to be selling my Windows PC to help pay for a Macbook Pro. I was just curious if it is possible to get Rigs of Rods on a Mac? I'll be bummed if I can never play it again.
  5. Weird Error

    That did it! Thank You!
  6. Weird Error

    So the file name would be "BBountyHunterCRDTieRod.mesh"?
  7. Weird Error

    I have this weird error that comes up when I try to use the Storm Damage 2016 truck. I have never had this error before and have no idea what to do. Can anyone help me?
  8. World Finals XVIII Discussion

    What a save
  9. World Finals XVIII Discussion

    Will there be a live stream tonight?
  10. Monster Mutt Retriever

    Name: Monster Mutt Retriever Body: Monster Mutt Chassis: Monster Mutt Paint: I dont have any images of what I would like the truck to look like. I am really just asking for a Monster Mutt looking truck obviously but with a gold/yellowish body color like a Golden Retriever would look.
  11. Who Drives Doom's Day?

    Not sure how accurate this information is but here is a list of doom's day drivers that was leaked now that the trucks is apparently retired. Colt Stephens: Drove the truck for the 2015 season and during the final event for the truck in St. Louis in 2016 Landon Wells: Drove the truck for the 2016 season Marc McDonald: Drove the truck during an encore in Orlando in 2014 Chuck Werner: One of the drivers of one of the Doom's Day trucks in the WF 15 freestyle encore Pablo Huffaker: Drove the truck at Monster Jam World Finals 16 Charlie Pauken: Drove the truck in East Rutherford and Foxboro in 2014. Alex Blackwell: Drove the truck at Monster Jam World Finals 17 Source: http://monstertruck.wikia.com/wiki/Doom's_Day
  12. Show Your Projects Chapter 50

    Exactly what I was thinking.
  13. VP Mad Scientist

    So happy some one finally made this truck!
  14. Sound Issue

    No problem
  15. Sound Issue

    I dont know if this the correct place to go to with this problem but I am in desperate need of help. So last week the engine sounds on everyone of my trucks randomly quit working for both Rigs of Rods 0.37 and 0.38. I noticed it all quit working after I downloaded Rigs of Rods 0.4. I dont know if that couldve effected my other two Rigs of Rods versions but I deleted 0.4 anyway. Even after I deleted Rigs of Rods 0.4 I still have zero engine sound in any of my trucks. It's been driving me insane I love the roar of the trucks and I miss it. Can anyone please help me out?