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  1. I acquired a copy about 7 years ago. Unfortunately, as far as I know, the game won't work on Windows Vista.
  2. A "New Posts" button in the forums, or some other way to view all the posts made since your last time here.
  3. Well, yes, but not all tracks or terrains have a truck spawner on them.
  4. You make jokes...A family friend races at a local track...He was having some issues with his car's handling, which I also had on similar tracks in videogames. Using what I learned in vid'ya games, I actually pointed him in the right direction and helped him fix his car up. That said, RoR (or at least the forums) have definitely invoked some violent reactions in me.
  5. Is it possible to load up more than one truck at a time on .37?
  6. Is .37 the last version that's super stable? Seems like 38, 39, and even 4.0 had a metric buttload of issues that never seemed to get addressed.
  7. Ok, so I downloaded V4, but only about half of the trucks show up in-game. I'm running ROR .39, would that cause missing a ton of trucks?
  8. Valv0line


    What's the best way to do "real" donuts in a league? I mean, I've seen plenty of Monster Jams where actual drivers do rear-axle donuts.
  9. Valv0line


    Jeez, that was easy. Now I feel dumb for making a thread.
  10. Valv0line


    Maybe a dumb question, but is there any good way to get high-speed "cyclone" donuts in RoR? I can get a few good rotations, but then the truck starts to tip. It makes for a kickass freestyle run, but it's not a good, clean donut. What I normally do, for donuts, is this: Start in a circle, front and rear wheels turned the same direction...mash the gas as I let off the rear steer...keep the gas mashed down as I sorta balance the rotations out with the front wheels. But, like I said, I can only get a few rotations before either the truck starts lifting, or the wheels grip up and I flip the love over.
  11. Name: New Orleans Superdome Venue: Indoor Arena Racing Style: RACING! And freestyle...but this is from before they started making freestyle-only courses Replica or Custom: Replica Date Ran: 1999 Images/Graphics: Other details: Dirt center floor, cement outer ring, yellow barrier between monster truck surface and sand drag area
  12. Fuel TV is as far as I know a satellite or digital-cable channel that deals in EXXXTREME SPORTS!!!11!!11!!!1!1! But, I do agree that it would kick so much ass to see Monster Jam on some broadcast networks instead of cable-only.
  13. Here's some of my stuff I've done throughout the years: I'm no expert...just some hack with a copy of Photoshop...
  14. I've been thinking of attempting a skin of Little Miss Dangerous, but can't seem to find a decent looking Willys pickup.
  15. Actually, a plain white truck would be cool...something fairly easy to modify/customize the paintjob and in-game truck information. I've been tossing around the idea of customizing a few trucks, but can't find a truck style that I'm looking for.
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