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  1. Lexivn

    Show your Diggers Chapter 52

    Look At This Dude^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ XD
  2. Lexivn

    Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K16 Thread

    See That Is why I'm so happy to be on West Arenas in SMRA, I honestly would've loved either coast for Arenas Because Arena shows can be very exciting. People doubt them so much for no reason.
  3. Lexivn

    SMRA Season 3 Budget

    Rouge Motors Week 1 Starting Budget: $20,000 Travel Cost -$1,240 Booking Pay- +6,000 Purse Pay- +4,500 Damage Cost: -$3,000 New Budget: $26,260
  4. Lexivn

    0.4 Server Issue

    So since SMRA is coming up this weekend I'm guessing that means you guys got servers working. If I may ask how? It's just I'd really love to host my own private server on .4 for friends etc. But just a little quick question.
  5. Lexivn

    how to export

    I think you need some help with grammar bud.
  6. Lexivn

    Fun Run @ Dayton, Ohio - 4/5/16 *TODAY*

    Jeremiah Price You have my aim
  7. Lexivn

    WF16 Fun-Run 4-6-16

  8. Lexivn

    0.4 Server Issue

    Now Obviously I'm not dumb I'm pretty sure this has been asked before. I'm not asking if anyone here has a server. I'm not asking anyone to make one. My question is, has there been some servers made(In general) for 0.4. All I want to do is just throw down some laps with friends etc. But I just want to know if any of you have heard anything on servers. If you haven't noticed ROR has a new website and you can't necessarily look at any forums to find any info on servers or anything. Also, maybe this is just my folder, but there is nothing(at least I haven't found it yet) that says Multiplayer or Server GUI or what have you. But that's the jist of it, I just wanted to know if any of you had any news or updates. ~Jeremiah Price
  9. Lexivn

    Fun Run @ East Rutherford 2014 - 3/29/16 *TODAY*

    Titan pricejeremiah11@gmail.com http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/1945-2015-titan/
  10. Lexivn

    Baking Bodies

    Fail..... https://gyazo.com/a563ea9b9707bc27ba98c8d2a31c07db
  11. Lexivn

    SMRA Season 3 Announcement!

    I'll see. I don't really feel like converting. Seems like a lot but I'll see.
  12. Lexivn

    Houston I 2014 Fun Run [TODAY]

    Jeremiah Price pricejeremiah11@gmail.com Hurricane Force
  13. Lexivn

    Show Your Ego Chapter 46

    That looks awesome Edy. Can't wait to see the bottom truck come to life lol. That one, I am now keeping an eye out for.
  14. Lexivn

    Show Your Projects Chapter 45

    Welp I can't believe I'm posting on here again,it's been a while, but since i got me an amazing caaputter now ror is a small side thing(Steam/PC Gaming is my priority) .