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  1. i get an err when i load the map and it sad skybox. pls help i use ror 37.126
  2. I am getting an error when i load the map up Sky box material 'map/skyline' how do i fix it or will he have to do that. on 37.126
  3. lf3

    Syracuse 2016

    real the maker sad 0.37 and 0.4 Compatible so you are saying he is a lies about this. oh ok
  4. lf3

    West Lebanon 2016

    does some have Houston2010.raw pls help
  5. is there racing and freestyle?

  6. nice job on the monster truck
  7. are you geting the team speak information ?


  8. but if you are runing the event my truck will be el toro loco mark list 2016 team speak name is jeremiahriter aim lucky33boy29@gmail.com http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/2152-el-toro-loco-mark-list/
  9. hey when will you get this out? pls leat me know.

    • Maximum Destruction Original CRD Kreg
    • 10th Anniversary Spiked CRD Kreg
    • 2014 Spiked CRD Morgan
    • Max D Stunt Truck
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