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  1. NavySonicShell

    A (Not So) Triumphant Return.

    Yikes that's an old name. Welcome back
  2. NavySonicShell

    Reference Picture Thread

    So I figured it would be a good idea to have a thread where people can request any reference pictures that they may need, and a place to post them when you have them. I am going to monster jam in Indy, and plan on getting pictures of the track, and Eradicator in specific so far, is there anything else someone wants? please tell me! (official truck list: Grave Digger® driven by Dennis Anderson, Max-D℠ driven by Neil Elliot, El Toro Loco® driven by Chuck Werner, Lucas Oil Crusader®, Monster Mutt® Dalmatian, Advance Auto Parts Grinder℠ driven by Frank Krmel, Avenger driven, Wrecking Crew, Brutus, Mega Bite, Barbarian, Eradicator, Backdraft, Higher Education, Wolverine and Zombie)
  3. NavySonicShell

    Post your Rides.

    Not only is the the strangest bike rack I've ever seen, but why not just put it under the spoiler? Put it on the back window and slide it under back first until the handlebars hit, it won't go anywhere. Anyway, I still drive this. It's at like almost 187,000 miles and I live in the city now so it's impractical, gets 12 MPG, and fits in like 5% of the parking garages downtown.
  4. NavySonicShell

    can we get a ban on Calvin Klein

    I'm going to go ahead and lock the thread. The moderation team has been taking the appropriate measures to deal with people breaking rules on the site lately and punishment is at their (our?) discretion based on the site rules rather than per request.
  5. NavySonicShell

    Krusty Krab Stadium Custom Track

    Do you want this track to somehow be flooding while underwater? or would it be preferred to have the floor dry? Would this track have crush cars or boats? Would this track have dirt? Or wet sand?
  6. NavySonicShell

    Beam NG

    Well I'm completely unaware of any plans for V5, but for the most part I think most people here doesn't care so long as it's credited, same as on the site.
  7. NavySonicShell

    Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    If only there were some sort of tunnel the trucks could use to enter and exit the floor of the track as they pleased.
  8. NavySonicShell

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    Alright guys, I just removed over a dozen posts from another pointless argument. There's no point in this continuing to happen. I'm not going to be putting up with any of it. I don't want to see any more insulting posts about other members, I don't want to see any more arguing back and forth about this and that. If you have a problem with someone deal with it in PM's or somewhere else off the public threads. If someone throws insults at you just report it and the mod panel will deal with it as we see fit. I kept from giving warning points out today (even though 1 or 2 people involved deserved them) but if this starts up again they'll be issued to EVERYONE involved. Keep it on topic, and keep it spam free guys.
  9. NavySonicShell


    Cancelled: Per request
  10. NavySonicShell

    Car Porn

    This really doesn't exist here yet? hm... Rules: SFW, and you post sexy cars and then people will probably call them ugly, but who cares because you love it. I'll start:
  11. NavySonicShell

    photography thread?

    Forgot about this thread so here's just some of what I've been doing.
  12. NavySonicShell

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    This SYP has really turned out to be something. I'm not quite sure what else to call it.
  13. NavySonicShell

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    I didn't realize Tharindu was running anything until I saw this. It's amazing.
  14. NavySonicShell

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    Boi I am in love with that NASA truck
  15. NavySonicShell

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    "It's the big smash bro"
  16. NavySonicShell

    Favorite Metal/Rock bands?

    My friends band just opened for them in Cincinnati. I was pretty impressed because it was like their 2nd show and they already managed to swing that gig.
  17. NavySonicShell

    Favorite Metal/Rock bands?

    It might be a song from someone I've never heard, but Bring Me the Horizon is probably the biggest band to come out of -core based music. They're newer stuff is like radio rock but going back in their discography they were pretty heavy deathcore and then metalcore. These are my favorites from them:
  18. NavySonicShell

    Music thread

    They also had Mikey from Islander feature on a song: Islander is pretty heavily inspired by Deftones too and they're my favorite band so check them out too.
  19. NavySonicShell

    Monster Patrol 2018

    Nope, this truck still runs. Even did a few shows yesterday. https://www.facebook.com/Monster-Patrol-Monster-Truck-Phelps-Motorsports-429390863796733/
  20. NavySonicShell

    Music thread

  21. NavySonicShell

    Music thread

    Ok but like Greyhaven is litttt Also the new Islander is siiiiicccckkkkkkkk
  22. NavySonicShell

    WF19 SM Meet- up?

    Since this is falling off-topic fast and the world finals has already passed I'm going to go ahead and lock the topic. @LeaproY This is not the appropriate place to be requesting tracks by the way. To request a track go to the requests forum and follow the guide (pinned post) for instructions. This being said WF19 has already been requested and multiple people are making their own version so it shouldn't be necessary at this point. If anyone who went to the meetup wanted to post anything else (photos or whatever) about the meetup, message me and I'll let you post it.
  23. NavySonicShell

    World Finals XIX Discussion

    I thought all things considered that encore was pretty cool. I've never seen one tell a story line like that. Ryan also had a killer run which I thought was great to end the event