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    Funrun at East Rutherfords Metlife at 8:45 EST

    Daniel Henderson Tail Gator daniel.henderson60@yahoo.com
  2. Daniel60

    New Rookie League

    doesnt look like it will be starting up.... apparently this isn't a good idea like i thought it would be
  3. Daniel60

    New Rookie League

    Really the I only way would be just honesty
  4. Daniel60

    New Rookie League

    Ok guys, I'm trying to start a new league for people new to sim monsters. I feel like this would be a great league for newbies to be competitive in and get their feet wet. We will do racing and freestyle. We will also have a points system which will determine who competes in the finals. If anyone is interested plese let me know. If we have enough people interested then I will try to go through with creating a league.
  5. Ok guys, I'm trying to start up a league for people who are new to sim monsters. We would run a racing, freestyle type competition and have a points system. I think it would be great to have a league where newbies can be competitive and get their feet wet. If anyone is interested then just let me know. If enough people are interested then we will go through with it.

  6. Daniel60

    Salinas Monster Jam*DAY CHANGE*

    my AIM is daniel.henderson60@yahoo.com
  7. Daniel60

    Salinas Monster Jam*DAY CHANGE*

    Daniel Henderson Tropical Thunder
  8. Daniel60

    Salinas Monster Jam*DAY CHANGE*

    what version will this be ran on
  9. Daniel60

    Series Information/Rules

    I'm new to this and I need help. How exactly does multiplayer work.
  10. Daniel60

    IDS 2013 Spring Signups

    Name: Daniel Henderson Truck:Predator Age :19 Bio: Long time monster jam fan, new to ror and still waiting on my first competitive event. Might be a little sluggish at first but I pick things up quick!