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  1. That's hot but it'd be really cool if they could somehow do a side-by-side body.
  2. It’s 2019 and green ghost Grave Digger is about to be released in stores and I cannot be more excited.
  3. I'd actually kill for a good Providence track.
  4. -WFX was one of the most important moments in monster truck history. -WFXI was pretty cool and was the debut of Son-Uva Digger WFXIV was a double backflip attempt which always gets big points in my book. -WFXVIII Racing was really good with the forward-momentum backflip and the Monster Jam 25th Anniversary celebration. -WFXIX Freestyle encore was epic. A lot of people didn't like it for being a movie promo, but from a purely monster truck perspective it was awesome. Again, double backflip (and the best attempt at that).
  5. 8 trucks to go and Linsey Read is still in the lead. I don’t know what timeline this World Finals came from but it is WILD.
  6. Cynthia Gauthier in Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice wins High Jump and I’m really not sure how they were measuring to the thousandth of a foot.
  7. DDS: https://challonge.com/tournaments/6263263/predictions/341384 Main Field: https://challonge.com/tournaments/6263223/predictions/341385
  8. Remember when Monster Jam announced they wouldn’t be using freestanding cars anymore? Surprisingly, nobody seemed to ask what would happen for concrete shows. If I didn’t already have plans for tomorrow, I’d make the hour-and-a-half drive this watch this hilarity unfold.
  9. Kinda irrelevant but yesterday was the 10 year anniversary of Larry Quick's first backflip in Ghost Ryder, the first successfully landed one at a live event.
  10. On that topic, I'm surprised we haven't had another live broadcast after Atlanta 2010. The biggest reason for not doing them was always downtime during the shows and they've been working to minimize it for years now.
  11. Ryan was jumping onto the backflip ramp from the cars beside it but I don't think the officials liked him launching his truck at the crowd too much.
  12. Instagram is throwing exactly the kind of hissy fit I expected but I honestly couldn’t be more indifferent about the cars if I tried to be. They contribute nothing to the entertainment value of a show and in arenas it’s honestly frustrating watching the track crew waste time bringing them on and off the floor multiple times throughout an event.
  13. I don't understand what a racing only series would bring to the table that the many other mixed discipline series already do.The only thing I can see from your ideas that might be unique is the field size, assuming that's 20 trucks on track at once. We've already seen that more than 2 in a stadium doesn't really work, in which case you have to go to speedways. Monster trucks have no business racing as a pack on an oval track for a wide variety of reasons. If you mean a head-to-head bracket competition like we have from pretty much every promoter today, how do you fill the time left over from cutting out more than half of the elements of the show?
  14. I was initially skeptical of the switch but Spin Master has already put out a better product than Mattel produced for at least the last 5 years of the partnership.
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