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  1. Aight cool. Thank you patriot. I appreciate it man :)

  2. yeah, i got terminator from coby or whoever you made it for. im not feeling good at all. ill get it done tomorrow

  3. hey i'm on AIM whenever you get a chance

  4. The bad news skin is from the Sim Monsters Truck Pack.

  5. hey anarchy...where did you get the Bad Habit skin that you posted for the tire pics?

  6. Here are the new Low-Lag Tire Re-textures i have done. Just open up the sim-monsters pack (or whichever truck used the low lag tires) and drop this into the zip file and enjoy. lowlagtire.zip
  7. Hmmmm... are you really shure you want to know what my sick twisted mind is thinking right now?

  8. Well since liquid started a thread to share his i guess i'll share mine too. Alot of them are my own that i used and some are for other people i have done for various other forums as well as a couple website banners i have done as well. So here's the ones i have done from past to present in no particular order at all...
  9. my aim is William Brenneisen (anarchyxf36@gmail.com)

  10. Well let me start off by saying hi to everyone here on the forums... I'm an OOOOOOOOOLD skool mtm2 vet thats semi-new to RoR... I'm intrigued by the challenge of modding for RoR and am loving the capabilities of it so far... One thing i am curious about though, What happened to the crushable stuff that i've seen in Box5's and Squishy Stadium? I mean i downloaded a couple tracks from here and they were very good but running over the obstacles like the busses, vans and what not is like running over a concrete wall. I just think that it makes a track alot better and more realistic seeing as how the more stuff gets run over and mangeled up the more variability and character it adds to a track.
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