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  1. wow fern its awesome nice job and happy holidays
  2. fern you should make a poll and let people vote if they want the trucks in a pack or individually in my opinion it should be individual.
  3. FJC8

    Midnight Rider

    great truck fern handles like a dream is gd 25 going to be released or does it need more work?
  4. FJC8

    World Finals 16

    i think the stadium is a little to small and the jumps are to close together espically the backflip trailers to the middle ramp is really close together
  5. wow Blake this turned out great mislead that one
  6. Whats the difference with the other, this one looks way worse
  7. FJC8

    Car Porn

    Roadkill rocks!!!!! Also check out Mike Finnegans Gasser 55 Chevy Gasser Chassis, Fiberglass front clip 710 HP Hemi
  8. Why is it no released yet???????? if its done sorry for acting like a turd
  9. What i don't get is your talking about his stuff, but yet your diggers older than his and it still isn't out that doesn't make anysense
  11. the post got removed from someone
  12. He said he editied paint and place everything together and is just working on he didn't hand paint it he painted some stuff and changed colors around and got it all in game put detail into it and stuff, and not to be rude but i've never seen the digger you made, but im not doubting you he makes nice stuff and if you don't like oh well i do, but he did alot of work to these
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