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  1. ImBaD

    Blizzard Dome 1985 (Rigs of Rods 0.3 Version)

    Absolutely living for these old tracks. You're doing amazing work
  2. ImBaD

    Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    Mediocre mud truck. Im getting the hang of Blender atleast. The turbo sticking out is attached to a OM606 diesel engine
  3. ImBaD

    The Wall

    Quite offensive... but it's also sad that this track that's made as a joke is better than most tracks
  4. ImBaD

    King Sling Mega Truck

  5. ImBaD

    Meshwheel Tires?

    I wondered if there is a pair of meshwheel monster truck wheels. i think flexbody whels are just a pain in the bum and thereĀ“for i am now posting this. Also i know it would be pretty easy for someone who is a little expirienced with blender to just join a rim and a tire togheter and then just export it but the problem is that im not that experienced.
  6. ImBaD

    Orlando 2000

    Oh man i love these tracks way more than the newer ones
  7. ImBaD

    Need help with skinning

    Hello guys i have a couple of projects im working on and i seem to have messed up the textures on the body i am making also the wheels i have made have no texture at all. It would be best if you added me on my skype because that is where i am on the most. thanks. Heres a picture of my body that i messed up https://gyazo.com/d2c23147002a29823ab41764b6e11372
  8. ImBaD

    Show Your Projects Chapter 1

    well i tried making my own mud truck. Heres Ol banger. Still working on he textures since right now they are very messed up. And also working on some new shoes for it https://gyazo.com/9030ba89199ee6c5ad32b96690771505
  9. ImBaD

    Show Your Projects Chapter 1

    Wow this site is really dying down Anyways im making a track. Not too much on the track as of now but i need some suggestions http://imgur.com/SexVJXg
  10. ImBaD

    Steam User names

    Name: zebbi235 games: All simbin games tdu2 saints row 3 portal mx vs atv reflex half life 2 ep1&2 far cry 3 dark souls dirt3 gmod driver parallel lines euro truck simulator 2 cod mw3 cod bo2 cod bo1 counter strike beamng arma 2 with all expansions yes... i know i have a lot of games
  11. im working on a truck...

  12. ImBaD

    Crazy J Hook

    can somebody be a very nice person and upload a new link ? :3
  13. im PUMPED!!!! up for the finals