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    OK I looked around on the site a bit and didnt see anything about it, so im just going to make a new thread. My first thread hope I'm not breaking any rules here :3 Does anyone who has the "know how" to do so, plan to make any content for content for Beamng? it would be so great to see IMO! It can't be much more different to import models, Jbeams and such. Its basically the same game. I think there would be much more potential for realism with the newer engine and rendering. Just curious thats all. Also, is there a way to just import the already made v4 pack trucks into the game? I know Nadeox1 one did it with the map Mt.Shell., but the chances of me contacting him are slim to none since hes a stuck-up "popular" youtuber. Thank you!
  2. Aces98

    Avenger Revamped

    Version 1.0


    Well, after the release of WF15 Avenger, Awesome Kong 13 and I decided to use all of the new parts we used for WF15 Avenger on the old avenger. Aces98: Body exporting, lexan, sponsor panel, prop placement, shock set ups. Awesome Kong 13: Chassis construction, rims, Cradle repairs, shock models. and who ever made all the parts we used. It will be called Avenger_Race or Avenger_FS in game. I made two shock setups
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    V4 Leafer Pack#1

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    Show Your Projects Chapter 35

    So I found this amazing truck idea in the truck request forum (Link: http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/topic/7031-truck-war-machine-custom/) For a truck called War Machine. I couldn't find any usable bodies for an H1 so I decided to try to make my own. This is my first monster truck body I've attempted to make from scratch. Here's what I've got after about an hour. Program used: 3DS Max Watch out Harlow.... xD jk. Ignore the Barney colors. Here's what I have as far as texturing. Bottom is mine of course. Once the Picture is bigger there won't be so much black around the words "war machine" Anyways, tell me what you think and give me any tips you can. (I see the line near the rear on the side by the roof ) UPDATE 12:30 A.M: Well the main body is done. Just gotta do some small tweaking and then mosterfy it! Pretty good for my first body eh? p.s. Sorry for the ultra long post.
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    He means if he has time. Lol. I really want to help if this is going anywhere.
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    I'm also pretty good at painting (edit) I do a small amount of modeling and some blender work
  7. blah blah blah fun run blah blah sign up. Name: Aim: Truck: You can come into my server anytime between now and tonight and check rules and stuff. Aim chat opens at 7:45 1. Aces98- Avenger WF15 duh 2. Seth Holloway- Metal Mulisha 3. Alex Steinhaus- MaxD 4. Jeremiah Price- Grinder 5. Will Meyer- Scooby Doo 6. Aaron Cruickshank- Grave Digger XIX 7. David Trevino- Bounty Hunter 2005 8. Malkeyy- Son Uva Digger 9. Ryan Conner- King Kruch 10. isiahbrown2000- El Toro Loco 11. jeremiah riter- Patriot 2014 12.jack- Crusader 13.Yovany Rayos- Spike 14. 15. 16.
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    Arlington 2013 @ 8PM Central 6/23

    you have the wrong aim
  9. Aces98

    Arlington 2013 @ 8PM Central 6/23

    no mud trucks and you have to get aim.
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    Grave Digger XIX Update

    Must be nice to be able to feature your own work...
  11. Aces98

    [TRUCK] War Machine (Custom)

    Just thought I'd give a little update. Here's what I've got as far as skinning. After this Ill throw it on a body, put a brush guard on it etc.
  12. Aces98

    Patriot 2014

    What's holding this truck up? I don't see any shocks...
  13. Aces98

    [TRUCK] War Machine (Custom)

    I'm going to try some skinning. If anyone has already started, let me know and I'll stop. I really like this truck (edit) After about 20 minutes here is what I have done. Expect a lot of progress tomorrow. I really wanna make this truck haha. It's a sick design.
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    Body Samples/Bakes Thread

    Well I tried a good try. Note* I'm using 2.49 and maybe we actually "bake" it differently Here is how I baked it.
  15. Aces98

    Body Samples/Bakes Thread

    If I could give awards to most helpful person, it would definitely go to Mr. Cannon. Every question I have, he has an answer for. Thanks man!
  16. Aces98

    V4 Truckfile tweaking/update

    Haha oh yeah that's Rock I get confused sometimes
  17. Aces98

    V4 Truckfile tweaking/update

    Sorry for my first rude comment Klayton. This is actually a lot of fun now that realize it's going for a more realistic, more real feeling truck. I Really like the new tweaks you made. It seems air braking actually does a little bit more now .
  18. Aces98

    .37 server admin issues

    I made a server on .37 but I cant figure out how to make myself admin!!! Iv'e made a path to the admin text with no spaces in the cfg file, I put 1 (User token) aces98 and I'm still not getting my red flag. Wth!? help please! Thanks. Do I have to put it in the batch file or something? I'm confused.
  19. Aces98

    RORWR S1E3 Detroit 2011 6/19/14

    ^same Avenger wf15
  20. Aces98

    .37 server admin issues

    Thanks cannon! I put the encoded one in both and that's what messed it up. You help me so much xD.
  21. Aces98

    .37 server admin issues

    Also, in the cmd it says found 1 auth overrides in the authorizations file. But I'm still not azdmins
  22. It comes with the sound. all you have to do is put the zoomies soundscript file in the config folder. It should be zoomies.soundscript. you dont have to rename anything in the truck file.
  23. Aces98

    Body Samples/Bakes Thread

    I has a question. I know how to bake, but I don't know how to "add samples." All of the bakes I do seem to have only one layer and don't show any properties of the body itself. Is this what samples do? Like show depth and everything in the bake? What I can do: What I WANT to do: Also, how do I increase the resolution of the bake? to 2048X2048 instead of 1024X1024. Please help. Thanksyous