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  1. SMRA S3: East Stadium Event #2, June 3rd

    Sorry to drop out again, but it I've got a Rally on this weekend and can't make SMRA.
  2. SMRA S3: East Stadium Event 1: Friday, April 29th, 2016

    I won't be able to run on the 29th, Got another event on the same day and due to my timezone I can't do SMRA and get enough sleep for my real-world event.
  3. SMRA S3: East Stadium Event 1: Friday, April 29th, 2016

    And if that's not approved in time, this link works. http://www.mediafire.com/download/y6a6w1dnhijzlj2/SMRADrover2.zip
  4. Show Your Arguments Chapter 47

    After about a year or so of relative slacking, I've gone a day or two without sleep and kept working on a low-poly decent quality model. SMRA Drover V2 Should be ready for SMRA on Friday, with the time difference I forgot just realised that due to the time difference when the race is actually on, I had heaps of time to work on this.... Well..... Anyway, Diggerfan was kind enough to let me use the body.
  5. SMRA Drover V2 (SMRA 0.45)

    Version 1.0.0


    My new truck for SMRA 2016. 0.45 Update for SMRA Old Drover. Typos in readme by Mackenzie Body by Diggerfan Chassis by Outlawed Parts from SUD 2014 V2, Forums Tires by Sealed Gecko.
  6. SMRA Season 3 Sign Ups!

    Real Name: Andrew Bayley Hometown: Victoria Australia Tour Preference: Stadium Truck Name: The Old Drover Make/Model: 1990's Chevorlet Truck Download Link: N/A Team Name: Bayley Motorsport Headquarters: Austin Texas Budget: $75,000 (Taken from Season 1 documents)
  7. SMRA Season 3 Announcement!

    I haven't run in an online event since SMRA Season 1, if I rejoin for Season 3 should I run with my old prices and "team" or am I allowed to update to a new truck?
  8. Stomper Bully

  9. Taurus #2

  10. Bear Foot (Hess)

  11. Stomper 1

  12. Show Your Projects Chapter 38

    Blender is semi-easy once you get used to it! Progress on Bigfoot 1 is decent, mind you, I'm gonna go back through the mesh and re-do most of it again, but one day I might be done!
  13. Show Your Projects Chapter 38

    Don't know how I'll go topping those trucks! It's been a long time since I did anything RoR related, hopefully the internet service gets upgraded over christmas time and you might even see me drag out one of my trucks and get back into racing someday! I've been working on blender again, this time re-doing my F-150 mesh to a stage where it doesn't look awful. It's not something I'd say "Stay tuned" over, but one day....
  14. Regular Season Event 5: Anaheim, California: August 3, 2014

    Bad Intentions