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  1. Dave Sparks (main Diesel Brothers guy) said on an Instagram post that he would drive the truck when his schedule allows. https://www.instagram.com/p/BZOxfvXFriW/
  2. Hey that's the truck I made a while back! I'd recommend using the newer trophy body. If that body is fused to the chassis, I could probably dig through my old files and find the chassis without the body. ... Or it could just be re-made entirely because mine is old and bad. Either way keep up the good work dude.
  3. Arlington is coming together. I'm probably most excited to see Saigon Shaker and Fluffy.
  4. Made this random CFP track for practice. Just realized the racing bumps are in the wrong place and the paint is off.
  5. Do you have a link to the pic? I don't think Macey is in any of them, unless I'm missing something.
  6. The tire/rims are just ... I mean, I understand why, but I don't like it.
  7. It seemed big for mini. Guess it's just the perspective. I know there's been a few for sale recently.
  8. Aw man, what'd I miss? Anyone know what truck this is?
  9. Most kids don't really care about stadium racing and freestyle. Plus it looks kinda like the popular Trials games. So maybe they're trying to go that route.
  10. Re-hashed Battlegrounds with slightly better visuals. Oh boy.
  11. Then ask Mark for the graphics. Map a Dodge body, apply the graphics and you're like halfway there.
  12. For the love of donuts please use/make a new sponsor plate. Although I'm tired of seeing Diggers these look good. Helen, looks amazing as always.
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