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  1. Well well, been a bit... decided to come back around and give this thing another go. Any MTM2 folks or older members here might remember me as Patrick or PM Customs, but I go by Natalia now. I'm still going strong in MTM2 but I feel like I've done almost everything I can with it and I'm looking for something more challenging to test the skills I've picked up in the years between. Looking forward to seeing what the community has done in my absence and I can't wait to dive back in! Also, could someone please be so kind as to point a girl to some good truck and track tutorials? Thanks!
  2. Just saw on Facebook that Doug Spanier lost his battle with cancer today. Loved watching him run Master of Disaster on YouTube. Sucks I never got to see him run in person, but he will be missed.
  3. View File Carolina Crusher frame This is one of the few surviving models from when I tried to make content for RoR and is a replica of the chassis of Gary Porter's Carolina Crusher from the late 90's and early 00's. Please note that this may not be 100% Accurate. Thank you for the download and enjoy! Submitter PM Customs Submitted 08/12/2017 Category Truck Building Items  
  4. View File Boogey Van Chassis This is one of the few surviving models from my time in RoR and is a replica of Pam Vater's Boogey Van after the cradle was modified. The chassis was later used by Paul Shafer for several of his fleet trucks. Keep in mind this is an older model and may not be 100% Accurate. Thanks for the Download and enjoy! Submitter PM Customs Submitted 08/12/2017 Category Truck Building Items  
  5. View File Bearfoot 11 "Belly" Chassis This is one of the few surviving models from my time in RoR and is a replica of the 11th Bearfoot chassis, more commonly known as Rampage, that ran into the early 2000's before being sold to Paul Shafer and left to gather dust in his shop. Keep in mind this is an older model and is not 100% Accurate. Thanks for the Download and keep on truckin! Submitter PM Customs Submitted 08/12/2017 Category Truck Building Items  
  6. when in Blender, split the window and change the window view to the image editor. Select the faces you want to map then I would hit "project from view" (make sure you're looking straight at the part you want to map) and then resize it to fit the map. That's the way I do it but there's plenty of ways it can be done.
  7. If you have binedit, open the model you want, then go to file-export-wavefront, and then save the model as an .obj file. Then all you have to do is import the model into Blender and texture it. Hope that helps! Btw, if you need Binedit, go to www.mtm2.com and follow the prompts
  8. Not bad, could be better but it's a good start. Seems a bit too plain to me. Too many similar colors and not enough contrast to break up the monotony. The green of the BKT logo works, but there's not enough. Also, PLEASE, for the love of the flying spaghetti monster, fix that corner of the BKT logo where it cuts off above the wheel well. Stuff like that makes my skin crawl. (personal knit-pick, no offense meant.) It's a good start, looking forward to seeing it finished!
  9. Is that... can't be... is that body an MTM2 rip? Surely there's a better S-10 body here somewhere, there's gotta be. Stuff looks great guys. Got a new pc with more power so I may try my hand at this again soon but don't hold me to it. And now I shall slink into the shadows until the need to post arises again.
  10. So far... $70 A 1500pc tub of Legos (Legos for Christmas and I'm 24 years old. ) A couple outfits and a new jacket A toy Drone Still have one more dinner left to go so I'll update later Got another $30 and gained about 10 lbs so all in all not bad!
  11. This is why I barely come here anymore... This kind of argument has been around since MTM2 and it probably won't get better any time soon. I would chime in with the usual passive-agressive "it's not really that hard and it's worth it" but that train was decommissioned a few months ago. Hagan's right, I came here for monster trucks, not bickering. What projects are here look great, I really am amazed by what you guys turn our here, even if it is all the same truck. That being said, I have a new rig in the works and if it's specs are right, I intend to make some waves here. That's for another day though. Storm damage looks great but PLEASE tell me you intend to cut the wheel wells? And the chrome digger looks good, could use some tweaks if you're going for 100% repli-custom but it still is a good representation of itself. Keep it coming to those of you who are actually contributing and I won't name names, but seriously, enough is enough and it's high time some people grew up or were shown the door.
  12. Here's a shot of it from their Facebook page. (I don't know how to post images from my phone.) https://m.facebook.com/mirrorimageracing/photos/a.279034465447984.75374.147486285269470/641711805846913/?type=3&source=54
  13. Not bad, but that loop from wheelie bar to the shock tower is supposed to pass over the tailgate on Captain.
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