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  1. Monster Mash! MJ Castro Speedway 2017 (Show 1)

    Like everybody else on here always says. make it your own..
  2. All Monsters Eve 1

    That would be really awesome.
  3. 2017 Bigfoot RepliCustom pack

    I need a YellowDShaft Cage
  4. Rookie to Sim Monsters!!!

    Welcome to Sim-monsters. Respect to you
  5. Metal Mulisha

    make the ,4 version ur self
  6. 1986 Pontiac Silverdome

    The first set of cars are 3
  7. 6 years late.

    One heck of a story bud..
  8. Fun Run East Rutherford

    What happen
  9. Show Your Projects Chapter 57

    Actually i read it after i commented
  10. Show Your Projects Chapter 57

    Not now but he did and sold the team to david smith...
  11. Classic trucks and tracks

    Y'all should do a section on here for the classic monster trucks and tracks stuff 80s 90s early 2000s Thats my opinion.
  12. Monster jam

    Go to the download section. go to where it says tracks then scroll through untill you see a world finals track. Then download it and extract it to your terrains folder. Then hit regen cahe and it will be in game
  13. Setting Paths in blender

    Nvm John cannon i got it up and going
  14. Fix Rear Steer On Keyboard???

    I use keys 1 and 2 also