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  1. krazyd24

    Weapon 1

    TaurusRacer13. Made one with the wilman monster patrol 1993 and taurus pack
  2. krazyd24

    Weapon 1

    you late its already made by taurusracer
  3. krazyd24


    it shows up as an error message
  4. krazyd24

    Server .39

    i just need some group of people to get on with to test out my laptop
  5. krazyd24

    Rigs of Rods Monster Truck Challenge Season 1 Sign - ups

    i would like to try to compete. what version is this for Dominic Hocutt Xbox bigfoot
  6. krazyd24

    Server .39

    Hey Whats going on with the server for .39 i was trying to get in. since i got internet bk with a new laptop im ready to kick ass
  7. krazyd24

    Updated Sim-Monsters Pack

    They cancelled the v5 pack. Certain ones leaked out some stuff. So no v5 pks.
  8. krazyd24

    Tony Farrell Pack

    WildThang and sting is already out unless they are willing to update sting.
  9. krazyd24

    [Custom] KITT 1982

    Who would make that ?
  10. krazyd24

    Grave Digger 1988 (Grandma)

    Diggerfan already made one hadn't been releashed yet.
  11. krazyd24

    Monster Mash! MJ Castro Speedway 2017 (Show 1)

    Like everybody else on here always says. make it your own..
  12. krazyd24

    All Monsters Eve 1

    That would be really awesome.
  13. krazyd24

    2017 Bigfoot RepliCustom pack

    I need a YellowDShaft Cage
  14. krazyd24

    Rookie to Sim Monsters!!!

    Welcome to Sim-monsters. Respect to you