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  1. krazyd24

    NWO (2000)

    its already built just need to work some stuff out of it
  2. krazyd24

    Best Version Of RoR?

    oh ok
  3. krazyd24

    Best Version Of RoR?

    i'm using 39 right now....But the latest is .4.7
  4. krazyd24

    Converted Track Pack #2

    What tracks did you make your self
  5. krazyd24

    Reptoid (90's-2004)

  6. krazyd24

    9/10/18 Event 7 Miami 2015

    That was a awesome put together show. had fun hope i can run more
  7. krazyd24

    ~Sign Ups~

    Name Dominic Hocutt Truck Rampage2015Custom Truck Link https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=kZDsy17ZNQfTFgmzVQuTuNF5TW8TCLIwJU4link Discord link Domo1988 #8316
  8. krazyd24

    Carolina Crusher 1997-99

  9. krazyd24

    [TRUCK] Dragon

    why not
  10. krazyd24

    [TRUCK] Dragon

    did you watch the video in the other post
  11. krazyd24

    Weapon 1

    Not For Download but you gonna have to ask @Taurus Racer 13for them
  12. krazyd24

    Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    I wanted to see what the B.K.T's would look like on Del Scorcho.
  13. krazyd24

    Weapon 1

    its a beta version of the Taurus 2018 pack with the 1993 monster patrol. weapon 1 also got a chevy bed tarp
  14. krazyd24

    Fall Madness V

    i'm on 39 and it works real good for me
  15. krazyd24

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    Well start working on some Leafers your self. he's doing it for the fans that Dont care what the packs looks like like me i been a big ass fan of his Leafers since the first packs.