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  1. CrewGuy

    MJU uses Rigs of Rods?

    I assure you, it is not your map, nor does it use any of the resources or assets from it!
  2. CrewGuy


    I was told someone mentioned me on here so I thought I'd respond (amazingly my old account was still accessible). I left this site years ago due to conflicts with the people that ran it, but I am still around and I do still fiddle with RoR stuff. I talk to quite a few people from here on discord pretty frequently. I do graphic design among other things for real world monster truck stuff now (check out AR Designs on facebook to see some of my work).
  3. CrewGuy

    Sim-Monsters V1, V2, V3, and RORMJ Truck Packs Downloads

    Actually I left because I didn't get along with a lot of the people using/running this site. It didn't help that people were also editing and re-uploading my breakable pack without my permission.
  4. CrewGuy

    Show Your Projects Chapter 35

    Pretty nice, but what the heck is going on with those axles. The shocks are attached to the knuckles by the looks of things and there's several flanges on the knuckles that don't geometrically make any sense. Not to mention the fact that the knuckles appear to be solidly mounted to the ends of the axle.
  5. CrewGuy

    Show Your Projects Chapter 35

    Why so much green?
  6. CrewGuy

    Show Your Projects Chapter 29

    That's a lot of gauges.
  7. CrewGuy

    Show Your Projects Chapter 28

    Stinger and Boogey look cool. I'm sad that you peeled my logo off though
  8. CrewGuy

    Show Your Projects Chapter 28

    Hey now that looks familiar...
  9. CrewGuy

    V5 Blog

    The orange part of the K&N Air Filter is the filter. The bit you made transparent is usually a solid piece of metal with a logo on it.