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  1. Show Your Project Chapter 62

    I made a little custom Mountaineer, nothing too special, pretty newbie looking. I added a couple sponsors to it, put it on Blue Thunder 2016's chassis and changed the color of the truck a little. I made it look as if how Mountaineer would look like if it ran in Monster Spectacular events (Even though I decided to keep the BKTs on it). Probably not going to release it publicly as it replaces the V4 Mountaineer skin (I have no idea how to make it so that I dont have to replace it), only gonna release it if you ask me through a DM.
  2. Tons Of Problems With ROR 0.4.6

    I did just download the Black Pearl truck, however it has a couple of texture problems, so it's definitely not a standalone... it needs the pack, which I have, but wont get recognized. Yes, I just DMed you btw
  3. Tons Of Problems With ROR 0.4.6

    I said tracks, not trucks. I am aware most trucks will work. I still haven't tried due to me getting sick yesterday, but I will try it later.
  4. Tons Of Problems With ROR 0.4.6

    Not showing up at all when selecting trucks. Although I compressed all my stuff now. Will try it tomorrow, I'll let you know how it turns out. Also, do you know how to convert tracks to 0.4? Is there a tutorial for it and is it easy to do? If I can, I'll gladly convert lots of tracks to 0.4
  5. World Finals XIX Discussion

  6. World Finals XIX Discussion

    RYAN WINS!!!
  7. Tons Of Problems With ROR 0.4.6

    sh**, ok then. But how do I make my unzipped trucks recognized? Wait though, then how do I edit it exactly? I use a PS4 controller.
  8. World Finals XIX Discussion

    lmao, well, she IS though haha
  9. World Finals XIX Discussion

    On Monsterjam.com, in the chat, all I said is that the interview lady is thicc and they muted me smh
  10. Tons Of Problems With ROR 0.4.6

    I dont know how to do that. Seriously though, how is everyone but me able to get it to work. I mean, I have a nice PC, so how and why cant it work.
  11. Tons Of Problems With ROR 0.4.6

    This is the one I downloaded though... I didnt click the link, but the button on the right.
  12. Tons Of Problems With ROR 0.4.6

    damn it.... I'm still getting the error with my tracks... I believe I do have the dev version..
  13. Tons Of Problems With ROR 0.4.6

    I am using the ROR version. I'm not sure what you mean by "flip through the files" Lemme try to move everything on Packs In 0.37, i have everything stored in "Streams" in the ROR game folder.
  14. So I am trying to move from 0.37 to 0.4.6, and I moved my tracks in Documents/Rigs Of Rods 0.4/Terrains, and when I try to play the game, I get an error saying "The Terrain Name Cannot Be Empty". I have no idea how to fix it. How do I fix it? Controller mapping does not work at all. How do you make it work? Is it possible to make the camera stop moving like in 0,37? The camera moving in the way its fixed to the truck is highly annoying to me. I have tons of unzipped trucks that wont show up in the game, even with regenerating the cache, but they show up in 0.37. How do I make them appear in game? I desperately need help. I know I gotta move to 0.4, because many of the newer trucks wont work in 0.37, but so far, 0.4 hates me. Please help me. Thank you.
  15. Show Your Project Chapter 62

    omfg 0_0 NICE