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  1. Navajo County Speedway | Motor Madness

    Some parts of the ground, especially at the path to enter the track, has no hitbox. I go thru the ground.
  2. Great Clips Mohawk Warrior 2017/2018

    It wont load in 0.37. It crashes the game.
  3. St Louis 2005

    thank you!
  4. Monster Truck Throwdown: Castrol 2018 (Custom)

    The truck spawns directly in the bars, making it impossible for me to get it out, even with dragging. Fix it. Thanks.
  5. St Louis 2005

    Big problem. When the truck get close to Max-D and Grave Digger, the game lags a lot. And this is coming from someone with a gaming PC. Fix it. Thank you.
  6. Son Uva Digger WRA world finals

    Oh sh*t what, it is??? I thought it was a custom one XD My bad
  7. Son Uva Digger WRA world finals

    Eh, not a fan of that, personally, no offense. While it looks like a well made truck, a pickup SonUva Digger just isnt my cup of tea.
  8. Ragin Steel 2001 PEI

  9. I cant remember lmao. I guess that means I'll have to give 0.4 another try then..
  10. Thing is I dont like 0.4 that much....
  11. I doubt it. I could spawn just as many when I used my integrated graphic card and my non-gaming computer
  12. I assume it's related to how much memory the game allows. Is there any way to not make it crash so that I can spawn as many trucks as I want? Like is there any way to allow the game to use more memory?
  13. Phoenix 2012 and 2013 .4

  14. Phoenix 2012 and 2013 .4

    Is it a 0.4 convert or an all new track?