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  1. Evil Ways

    doesnt work in 0.37
  2. Grave Digger 28 Late 2016-Early 2017

    Beautiful looking truck!
  3. Doctor Destruction

    While I do like how it uses old V4 content, the body looks too pixelated, plus it insults Feld, which I personally dont approve of.
  4. Big Finish

    Although the truck looks great, the truck is missing the chassis and the body and etc. on 0.37
  5. Bad Attitude

    Everything spawns correctly... except the body
  6. Bad Attitude

    The body doesn't spawn for me
  7. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    This thread has me hyped af
  8. Car You Want to Crush The Most

    Any car Rosie O'Donnell owns
  9. Welcome to WatchMojo dot com and today we're taking up our list for the top 10 most influential people in the monster truck industry.
  10. NR2003 Projects - Chapter 1

    Pretty beautiful! I only wish I was able to run it on my Windows 10!
  11. E3

    Nintendo won it, period.
  12. Share Your Specs

    Pretty good graphics card for low budget, although I will change it this summer. Also, I'm now a Windows 10 user, not Windows 7 anymore.
  13. Reno Monster Truck Madness 2017!

    The ground flashes constantly, like a lot of flicker. Fix it, please. The dirt ramps are fine though.
  14. I was wondering what are the best settings to use in order to get the most realistic physics possible. For example, how should I configure Force Feedback? Or are there any other things I can do to get the most realistic settings in ROR? Thanks.
  15. I'm trying to play Nascar Racing 2003 on my Win10, but I have issues making it work.... I keep getting a pure virtual function call error when running it. How can you make Nascar Racing 2003 work on Windows 10? Thanks.