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  1. steiale

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    Ok. So here are some of the notable things I noticed from the stream: Mike Vaters Sr. not driving Black Stallion (Please be Preston Perez if Mike Sr. is retiring) Lucas Oil Crusader not on any line ups (Linsey is getting a new TBA truck) 4th Team Scream Truck is still TBA New Pirate's Curse Driver for TTS Central (Camden driving on Stadium Series 1 - Probably a SpinMaster Truck?) Chuck Werner and Lee O'Donnell missing from all lineups FS1 Cleatus missing from lineups The World Tour Lineup thing really confuses me... BJ is driving Gas Monkey (Does Gas Monkey get broadcasted globally?) but there were no uniformed Grave Digger or Max-D drivers (Chad Tingler would maybe drive Digger?) No Groth Brothers No XDP I think that covers everything, but I might have missed some stuff. All in all, I really am kinda not impressed with this stream. They didn't really talk about new trucks except for the rather silly in my opinion Fire & Ice stuff, and I was left more confused about what is happening next season more than I have been compared to previous streams... But that just might be me... Also @NitroMenace, Let me take a stab at the RKMT chassis situation for the new season: JR in his green chassis running Xtermigator, Jack in the Blue Razin Kane chassis driving Megalodon, Kristen in the Black ICM driving Dalmatian and TBA in the Torque chassis running Wolf's Head. Do you by chance know if Trent is joining up with another team, or is he going back to being a full time dad?
  2. steiale

    Rigs of Rods Monster Jam

    Never ask when content will be released. Content creators have lives away from the keyboard, and will work on content when they feel like it, and release it when they feel it has reached the level of their satisfaction. Begging like this is very annoying to creators and can discourage content creators from making and releasing future content.
  3. steiale

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    Well seeing as this applies to the new season, I'll post this here. This is coming after Jared's recent wedding:
  4. steiale

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    Looks great! One recommendation I have is that for the gray rims you use the ones from your previously released Rage. Also, I think the tires on General Tire should say General Tire instead of Good Year. Looks nice though!
  5. steiale

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    From what I've seen, the bedsides should extend out past the chassis a little bit more than what you have here. I might be wrong, but the body might have the extended crew cab but maybe the bedsides are the length of the regular extended cab that we have now. Again, not 100% sure but that's just how I see it. Other than that, great work!!!
  6. Please use the below form when making requests. Also, please post requests in the requests section of the forum. Also, please note that content creators are not required to make any requested content. Also, please know that any letter or punctuation mark repeated more than 3 times is redundant and annoying.
  7. steiale

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    I LOVE it! Two things from me though would be to try to blend the hood paint into the dark blue of like the grill and bumper into a better transition, and then change the chassis to a modern day race chassis (My eyes saw a CRD, but I'm probably wrong) instead of the traditional FELD PEI display chassis that we're maybe used to seeing. Other than that, AMAZING work!
  8. steiale

    Greetings from Scotland

    .37 is an outdated version of the game, but I still primarily use it (although most new content models are made specifically for the newer versions of .4, so they will not work in .37). The v4 pack is good, but very outdated at this point. In the downloads section, everything under the .37 category will work with your version, but I would stay out of the .4 sections since there are very few content models that will work. Hope this works!
  9. steiale

    Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Dude... it's only two years right now... Maybe cities will be rotating every 2 years instead of every year.
  10. steiale

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    @stimson122 I feel bad for commenting twice on the same post, but @maxdman and his darkening the chassis color note reminded me of something I noticed. Your swaybar arms need to be 1. Darker (Rim beadlocks too, I think they should be a few steps closer to purple than where they are now. Only a few since they're pretty good as they are now. Beadlocks and swaybar arms should match) and 2. More curved. The front swaybar arms from Fern's Blue Thunder should do the trick. They're curved and have the holes in them compared to your current ones which are straight and solid. That one little detail should be about it for me!
  11. steiale

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    Awesome work as always sir! I think it's time that I finally switch over to .4 so I can fully take advantage of your amazing content!
  12. steiale

    Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Uhhh... Nick crews for the Razin Kane team, plus he used to crew for his Uncle Darren Migues's team, and I'm pretty sure Matt Pagliurulo gave him the chance to try out driving Jester in the off time of a show... so I think you should take a chill pill and consider his insights. Great, your dad crews for a team but that doesn't make you better or your opinion more gospel than any of the rest of us.
  13. steiale

    Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Can anyone provide some insightful thoughts as to how Mikey and Evo could be at fault? I'm struggling to understand the justification of the decision because of the wet grass and obvious lapse in safety knowledge of the promoter. I think I have some idea as to how, but I'd like to hear from the community on this one.
  14. steiale

    Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Ron Bachmann of Team Bigfoot has passed away
  15. steiale

    Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Rod Wood is running a throwback name on the McGruff chassis this weekend