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  1. It’s a good start, but the body needs to be redone as the Dalmatian mouth smiles rather than snarls like the Rotty. Also, the red of the collar should match better with the mouth, as the mouth is wayyy too bright of a red
  2. There’s really nothing different from last year to last. There are plenty of other SUDs in the downloads to use.
  3. Please use this form when making requests. Do note that content creators are not required to fulfill requests and will work on content when they feel like doing it.
  4. Sorry if this is off topic, but doesn’t Kevin King own Radical Motion? I know he had a two truck team but I don’t remember hearing about him selling the second truck.
  5. You might want to consider just throwing on coil over shocks instead of the nitrogen shocks you have on there. I know you’re not going for realism, but it’s a quick fix for you to consider.
  6. Please use the following form when making requests. Also note that content creators aren’t not obligated to fill all requests. http://sim-monsters.com/topic/184-guide-requests/
  7. Always liked doing this for World Finals since I’ve usually had more success here compared to March Madness DDS: https://challonge.com/tournaments/WorldFinalsXXDDSBracket2/predictions/341349/edit?token=1f139b60543c0137c80602420a00068b Main Field: https://challonge.com/tournaments/WorldFinalsXXRacingBracket/predictions/341350/edit?token=cafc4b70543c013786ae02420a00068a
  8. For future reference, please use this form when making content requests
  9. Jim Cretan has a new approach to the backflip ramp tonight in Santa Clara since both main sides were blocked by wrecked trucks
  10. Monster Jam will be having a traveling themed area at Cedar Valley theme parks this summer: https://www.monsterjam.com/en-US/news/monster-jam-thunder-alley Not gonna lie, it does sound rather interesting what all they have planned...
  11. Really disappointed with that line up. Only 8 drivers and 2 of which are independents. I wish they would’ve expanded the field a little bit like they did the last few years and had a few more indies since there were some that really had a good year.
  12. A number of lineups for the summer are up. Big highlights include the stadium debut of Kailyn Migues driving Jailbird in Kansas City, and Tyler Menniga (as of now) representing Team Digger on the summer “Path of Destruction” events
  13. There’s a section of the site devoted to tutorials on how to do various things with content creation. There’s a truck making tutorial in there somewhere with a video outlining everything too! http://sim-monsters.com/forum/89-tutorials/
  14. steiale


    You may want to consider changing your attitude if you’re looking to have your requests filled. Your language and rather disrespectful comments are definitely not gonna get you anywhere around here. And I haven’t seen you post anything other than rude things about other people’s work, so if you claim to have already made things, you may want to consider posting them to have a chance of backing your self up. Otherwise, be polite and grateful that someone took the time to make these trucks, because they sure don’t have to make anything for the community or especially people who talk like you do.
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