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  1. Please use this guide when making requests
  2. Seriously have lost count on how many different Deja-Vu’s you’re up too... but I’ve enjoyed the evolution of your designs! Props to you on the constant creativity and @Wambo did a nice job building you a new truck!
  3. Hack saves, I believe, are when the truck gets saved by turning the rear steer and front steer in opposite directions (I.E front wheels turn right, and rear wheels turn left). I’ve seen this most used in the context of when a truck is on its side and you hack save to pull it back over onto all 4 wheels. I could be wrong based off of what common law is amongst the league organizers but this is my interpretation.
  4. steiale


    Welcome to the forums! Please use this guide when making Track Requests.
  5. Welcome to the forums! Please use this guide whenever you make a truck request.
  6. Indies really had a good night as Jamey Garner and Over Bored took Anaheim racing over Cole Venard and Black Pearl. Jester won Tampa freestyle and Koehler won TWS in Anaheim to help claim their overalls. Also, it sounds like there’s a new freestyle rule where any run that lasts less than 30 seconds will not be scored. Might not be totally correct on this but I’ve heard this from multiple sources. I see the point of it to not have one-hit winners like Cynthia almost did at the All Star Challenge, but I’m not sure if I’m a real fan of this.
  7. The first two inductees of the Monster Jam Hall of Fame have been announced. Team Grave Digger founder Dennis Anderson and Announcer/TV Host Scott Douglas were announced at the event in Tampa this evening
  8. FELD has a new idea they’re rolling out this year. The inaugural class of the Monster Jam Hall of Fame will be announced at WF XXI https://www.monsterjam.com/en-US/news/monster-jam-hall-fame
  9. He’s not really requesting a track here though, so I honestly think this is in the right spot, but I’m probably wrong. It’s a good idea, considering I’m pretty sure @maxdman put the same track inside models for Syracuse, East Rutherford and Foxborough with minimal edits between the three.
  10. Do not ask content creators when they will be releasing content. Content creators will work on projects when they want to and feel like it, and may release content if they feel it is ready. Asking this question and begging for content is frowned upon here because it can wear creators out and discourage them from making content.
  11. This is the form that you need to use when making a truck request. You also need to post it in the requests forum and not here. Please follow these guidelines to have a better chance of someone being willing to help you instead of having mods just locking your threads.
  12. He’s got CRD listed which is correct. CRD is actually Carroll Racing Development and that is totally separate from a Cohen designed chassis
  13. Few things I noticed from lineups for this year about the TBD spots, and my predictions: Stadium Tour Red has a TBD that will be filled by an independent truck. Also, Brad Allen will most likely be running a FELD body on his chassis Stadium Tour Green has 2 TBD spots. One will be filled by the 4th Team Scream truck and the other is most likely a FELD truck (Possibly Linsey Weenk in Crusader/New Truck) Stadium Tour Yellow has 2 TBD spots. One will be filled by the 2nd Natural Disaster truck (I.E. the Storm Damage chassis running a FELD body) and the other is an independent truck Triple Threat West will have a new driver behind the wheel of Megalodon from the Creten Camp Triple Threat Central will have a new driver with an unknown FELD truck as its TBD. Zach Garner would most likely be driving Wild Style on the arena tour Candace Jolly joins the International driver lineup A few independent absences from the line ups. Most of these trucks are likely possibilities to fill those TBD spots. : Stinger Team (they will most likely not be running Monster Jam) Big Kahuna Barbarian Slinger (May fill one or two TBD spots depending on the schedule) Bad News Travels Fast Devastator Perhaps Joe Sylvester's new High Octane truck might be joining Monster Jam?
  14. With that one, there has to be a trailer hitch node on it. Not sure if Taurus’s packs have them, but I think all of Diggerfan’s leafers have them. Anyway, you have to click and drag the tow rope from the sled up to the chassis of the truck, and click either “L” or “O” for it to secure to the chassis. Welcome to this site!
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