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  1. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Well apparently for those who were hyped up for the World Finals in East Rutherford, the location will now be moving (location TBA) because of a schedule change...
  2. Crew Member Perspective- Nick Migues' blog!

    Any ideas on what your 4th truck will be for Jack?
  3. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    Find rims that fit the BKTs better. You should also take the prop alignments from Fern's Avenger and use that as your swaybars and 4 links most noticeably are not lined up. I also would use the most recent Monster Jam logo on the bedside and not have it blend in under the paint..
  4. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Too much money right there making all those schemes. Avenger will get one, and Hot Wheels will be the mustang looking body on the diecast truck.
  5. World Finals XIX Discussion

    Rosealee Ramer, Cole Venard and Bryce Kenny announced to join the main field. Next round of competitors to be announced at 1 PM EST
  6. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    They also were originally waiting for the body to come in. This was the post from Colt at the start of the season
  7. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Miami track is coming together. Looks to be St. Louis style oval. Bummer they're not using the whole floor but understandable because of the real natural field underneath.
  8. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    If you're going for the King Krunch team look, then you should use the older Silverado body like Shock Therapy. The chassis would be the Basl NEA chassis I believe, but I'm probs wrong (Cue Kozak to save the day on this one...)
  9. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    Use a more updated body model. Also, it seems like you're rushing through projects. Slow down and take some time. Look at pics of the real thing to make sure you make things accurate.
  10. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Last week in San Diego and this week in Anaheim will feature St. Louis style oval racing.
  11. [TRUCK] Slinger

    Hello, welcome to the forums. Here, we have a guide for making proper requests. It can be found at the link below Please note that requests are not required to be filled
  12. [TRACK] World Finals 18

    Hello, welcome to the forums. In the request section, we have a guide to filling out requests that can be found at the link below Please note that requests are not required to be filled. Also, this track is already in the process of being made, and the preview thread can be found in the Monster Trucks section of the Rigs of Rods sub forum.
  13. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    The body is a lot wider on the real truck, yes. The Willys body from Captain's Curse was molded to fit that particular chassis which was narrower. But now because FELD bodies need to be able to be put on any chassis, they all fit the demensions of the Ford pick up bodies. In my personal opinion, the new body looks stupid, and I'd rather see it narrower so maybe as a replicustom or something you could use the narrow body on a narrow chassis.
  14. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Long list of Substitutions this week: - CVH is filling in for Morgan Kane in Digger - Cynthia Gautier is filling in for Brianna Mahon in Whiplash - Blake Granger is filling in for Cynthia Gautier in Dalmatian - Steven Sims is filling in for Haley Gualey in Scooby - Macey Nicter is filling in for Kayla Blood in El Toro Loco
  15. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    The Zombie needs to be resized. It was made to fit a really narrow chassis when it was originally published. Trust me, you're not the only one who has struggled with that body swap. As for the arms, what I've done is I've copied the original truck file for Zombie, not the file for the truck I'm putting the chassis under. Then I just copy in the props and it works out perfectly!