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  1. The wheels are incorrect as is the paint. Your paint looks more like the 2016 Stinger paint with just color changes. While Stinger Unleashed is much different from that here’s a good image for comparison
  2. Have been piddling with these the last few months. But with the announcement of the Hot Wheels Monster Truck Live Tour announcement it really jump started these for me. These are just paints as I don’t know how to build trucks lol. So if anyone is interested and making trucks out of the paints you’re more than welcome (These are the first of probably many, I have already started on V8 Bomber and Psycho-Delic) also these are my 2nd and 3rd paints so please all cunstructive criticism is appreciated
  3. How exactly were you able to fix this issue? Like where did you find that other smoke.particle and what did you do with it to fix it?
  4. Who cares who made one, as long as credit is given. Atleast someone is trying to get out tracks for the community.
  5. A modern PEI. Stinger Unleashed possibly?
  6. Nope that wasn’t on purpose lol, just kind of through that together looking for fonts. That’s embarrassing lmao. Thanks for the catch😂😂
  7. Does anyone happen to have a 1950 Chevy Body Bake? And the “FELD Friendly”
  8. You don’t have to worry about that man. Chris is one of the best builders in this community and not one to release half done / rush projects. So if he does it in a week it will be done to perfection

    Font List

  10. Looks good man, only suggest I would make is arch the back fender paint details a little. And make the Green have a little more yellow in it.
  11. If I can help with paints I would be more then happy to!
  12. I will never understand why people make stuff just go keep them for themselves lol 🤷‍♂️
  13. Small little paint project i’ve been working on
  14. Scarlet Bandit 2017 Paint is almost done just need to make a few more adjustments. Iron Outlaw and the 2 Bounty Hunter’s are nearing Paint Completion aswell
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