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  1. Actually, i took an interest in V3 pack of the sim monsters and i really really wanna try it
  2. i wish Rigs Of Rods Gets Back Up cause i wanna download some other terrains from their repository and other vehicles

  3. ShawnVallance I really need the wolo pack v2 thats what i've been finding

  4. acealagar

    Iron Man MROR (Blue) BKT's

    Very nice
  5. acealagar

    Son-Uva Digger 2015

    It works on every version but i prefer .37
  6. acealagar

    Lucas Oil Crusader 2015

    nice Truck
  7. acealagar

    Grave Digger XIV (2001-2004)

    Great Work And its fits my style nice work keep it going man
  8. acealagar

    Grave Digger 25th Anniversary Chrome

    It Works Fine Nice Truck Bro Make More
  9. acealagar

    Maximum Destruction Pack

    HAHAHA Nice Spelling u did me bredah
  10. Thargo how can i make the camera steady when riding up ramps on RoR while im driving Sim Monsters Trucks?

    cc0.gifcc0.gifcc0.gifcc0.gifcc0.gifcc0.gifcc0.gif# cc0.gifcc0.gifcc0.gifcc0.gifcc0.gifcc0.gifcc0.gif# NICE VIDEOS :D

    1. Thargo


      Disable camera pitching and you should be good

    2. acealagar
  11. acealagar

    Anaheim 2014 (Show 2)

    # # # # # # # # # # # WE LOVE UR TRACKS
  12. acealagar

    Anaheim 2014 (Show 2)

  13. acealagar


    Hi Shawn im a big fan nice Channel and i like every car you make
  14. acealagar

    RoR 37.117 Problem

    Can i have link to 37.117 and im gonna try and resolve it
  15. The Camera bobbing in RoR is very annoying please help how do i set it to steady camera?