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  1. Actually, i took an interest in V3 pack of the sim monsters and i really really wanna try it
  2. i wish Rigs Of Rods Gets Back Up cause i wanna download some other terrains from their repository and other vehicles

  3. ShawnVallance I really need the wolo pack v2 thats what i've been finding

  4. It works on every version but i prefer .37
  5. Great Work And its fits my style nice work keep it going man
  6. HAHAHA Nice Spelling u did me bredah
  7. Thargo how can i make the camera steady when riding up ramps on RoR while im driving Sim Monsters Trucks?

    cc0.gifcc0.gifcc0.gifcc0.gifcc0.gifcc0.gifcc0.gif# cc0.gifcc0.gifcc0.gifcc0.gifcc0.gifcc0.gifcc0.gif# NICE VIDEOS :D

    1. Thargo


      Disable camera pitching and you should be good

    2. acealagar
  8. # # # # # # # # # # # WE LOVE UR TRACKS
  9. acealagar


    Hi Shawn im a big fan nice Channel and i like every car you make
  10. Can i have link to 37.117 and im gonna try and resolve it
  11. The Camera bobbing in RoR is very annoying please help how do i set it to steady camera?
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