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  1. Gravedigger XX

  2. Max-D Spiked Christensen

  3. Show Your Diggers Chapter 42

    like the one in 1997 and the newly updated one
  4. Show Your Diggers Chapter 42

    but i notice that wild thang has 2 different paint jobs
  5. Show Your Diggers Chapter 42

    heres a little help with that.
  6. Show Your Projects Chapter 41

    but overall great work on the truck so far
  7. Show Your Projects Chapter 41

    the front of the truck sit a little lower than the back end of the truck
  8. Bounty Hunter (Jim Creten - 2014 Version)

    Nice job everyone im going to enjoy this
  9. [TRUCK] 2005 Power Forward

    http://youtu.be/XckAqQ_qjts here is ford F-150 this was at World finals 5
  10. [TRUCK] 2005 Power Forward

    i think it is a ford F-150 but i could be wrong because there are 2 different bodiesthere is more detail of a basketball on this one here is the Chevy