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  1. MTfan1995

    Show Your Projects Chapter 35

    Holy moly! That looks wicked!
  2. MTfan1995

    Show Your Projects Chapter 35

    Looks amazing! Alot better looking then the previous Silverado model that was ripped from MJ:POD.
  3. MTfan1995

    Traxxas Stadium

    A wonderful remake of another nostalgic MTM2 track. I bet there gonna be quite a few wipe outs on this one.
  4. The physics are ok, but it does leave a little to be desired, especially if the trucks going too fast then it just gets caught up on the cars (if only the ride height was higher), and if you nose dive it, it just doesn't rebound very well. The suspension feels it has little resistance and bounce, and that bothers me a lot, not to mention the sounds could use some work (it sound like a motorcycle engine). Overall its not downright terrible, but it feels too arcade-like for me and just not worth the 742,014 in-game credits needed to purchase it.
  5. MTfan1995

    Avenger Revamped

    Exellent work, Ace. Looks awesome.
  6. MTfan1995

    Show Your Projects Chapter 34

    i bet it would sound like an oversized quad engine. inb4 monster quad.
  7. MTfan1995

    Show Your Projects Chapter 34

    a HUGE improvement over the V4 hummer body. So much better.
  8. MTfan1995

    Show Your Projects Chapter 34

    not to mention the updated cradle
  9. MTfan1995

    Your Old Projects/Current

    That reminds me, i gotta dig thru my binedit files to see what old projects i can dig up.
  10. MTfan1995

    Show Your Projects Chapter 34

    I could see a remake of Scott "Razorbear" Bergman War Machine 2009 Truck out of this.
  11. MTfan1995

    some problems with sounds...

    I'm trying to put some of Beau's sounds from his sound pack into individual trucks, but when i run the trucks in-game, the trucks are absent of engine sound. i tried clear and regen cache, but still nothing. I tried copy and pasting the soundsources into place, and even typed them in letter for letter, but to no avail. here's the soundsources section from one of the the .truck file i modified: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- soundsources 98, Zoomies 98, MonsterStarter 98, Monsterreverse ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- any ideas? EDIT: Got the sound to work, thanks to Beau4x4. If anyone wants to delect this topic, they can.
  12. MTfan1995

    Custom New Orleans

    Quite a fun track indeed! Its a blast!
  13. MTfan1995


    My name is Aaron, and its a pleasure to be finally here! Many years ago back in 2001, i pick up my copy of MTM2 and had a blast with it. unfortunately, my childhood passed me by and i lost my copy. Around 2007, i started searching for a copy on eBay and struck gold, getting to play that old game again, Then i discovered the amazing content from MTM2.com and got hooked on some of the best quality truck of that era, and for a while, i started making my own personal truck. sadly though, around 2012, with overall interest being lost in the MTM2 community, i moved on, as my old projects gathered dust on my desktop and never got released. Then i got my fix in early 2013 when i heard that the virtual monster truck experience was still going strong in the form of rigs of rods, which i had played before on my old tower computer before it fried itself. I watched the development of the ROR monster truck community and it has defiantly come a long ways. I plan on trying to get things rolling again, learn how to create some content and help support the community in anyway i can. I hope to be welcome among your ranks.
  14. MTfan1995

    [TRUCK] Danger Zone

    Name: Danger Zone Body: 90s Chevy Body Chassis: Custom-built Chassis Paint/Graphics: Blue with a Yellow sign on the door with red text stacked with a red lightning bolt in between. Other details:Front Suspension is leaf suspension with three shock absorbers while the rear suspension is airbag suspension with two shock absorbers attached to the traction bar. The Tires appear to also be much narrower than general MT tires. Pic: http://monstermuseum.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Truck_DangerZone.jpg