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  1. 16monsterjamRL

    Bad Company 2018

    it loads in perfect but has no sound, any ideas?
  2. 16monsterjamRL

    Son-uva Digger #1 v2

    I added it to the folder and it never showed up in game. Is there a certain way to add the truck into the folders
  3. 16monsterjamRL

    Son-Uva Digger 2016

    for some reason I downloaded it and put it to the vehicles folder but the game crashes every time I click on the truck. any ideas to help?
  4. 16monsterjamRL

    RORMD Signups

    Ryan Leininger Metal Mulisha legend2time@Gmail.com Bronze I am part of a few leagues and my racing is ok depending on the course and my freestyles are really good!
  5. 16monsterjamRL

    RORMD Signups

    name: Ryan Leininger Truck: Metal Mulisha legend2time@Gmail.com