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  1. Monster12

    Show Your Projects Chapter 39

    Looks amazing bud, this is my hometown show. Glad to see someone making it.
  2. Monster12


    No, It wont let me download.
  3. Monster12

    Gaithersburg 2014

    I downloaded the track last night, works fine for me. Good track bud!
  4. Monster12

    RoR-TN Track Links

    Awesome tracks, really enjoy these smaller arenas with the truck additional truck spawn, keep up the good work.
  5. Monster12

    Keyboard control problems

    Thanks, got it working again.
  6. Monster12

    Keyboard control problems

    Hey everyone i'm kinda having a difficult time setting up my Keyboard, I downloaded the Xbox 360 controller map and I want to switch the controls back to the original keyboard controls. I was wondering if any of you guys could offer me some help with fixing this problem. Thanks
  7. Monster12

    Wheely King Facelift

    No problem man, always willing to help out of fellow Wheely King racer. Haha
  8. Monster12

    Wheely King Facelift

    You can buy metal sway bars online, they sell them on many different RC superstore websites, as for the Shock Therapy body what you would have to do is buy a clear body and custom make it yourself. I don't believe the sell Shock Therapy body, the closest thing if you wanted an SIR truck body would be the ground pounder body from RedCat Racing and those dont fit on Wheely Kings I believe, hope this helps.
  9. Monster12

    Favorite venue to see a Monster Truck show

    Houston Astrodome, sadly they don't go there anymore so NRG Stadium.
  10. Monster12

    Naples 2014

    Awesome track, looks great. Love it 5/5.
  11. Monster12


    Awesome truck, very clean and well put together. 5/5
  12. Monster12

    Atlanta 2014 Backflip Ramp Fail

    Wait what?!?! Did you just say Atlanta the past couple of years have been mediocre shows. Did you not see the 2012 show or 2013 show??? How about the show this year? Atlanta is always one of the best shows of 1st quarter.
  13. Monster12

    New Orleans, LA 1999

    Great track!
  14. Monster12

    New Orleans, LA 1999

    It wasnt at this event, this event was before that even happened.
  15. Monster12

    Seattle, WA 1999

    I have this show recorded on a tape. I watched this show over and over again as a kid. Awesome track 5/5