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  1. I figured out the problem, it wasn't anything to do with ROR, it was the actual controller. Steering right in GTAV was about 20% as well. Got my other controller, problem solved. Thanks.
  2. Hi, some of you might remember me, Jpez1432, when I was working on my own monster truck game. That never came to be and I have been playing ROR for a while now and realize it isn't going to get much better than this. That being said I will hopefully be able to contribute towards the efforts that sim-monsters.com is trying to accomplish. I enjoy playing the new stable version however I do have a question. I have a dual analog logitech controller and no matter how hard I try to get the "thumb sticks" to correspond to the front tires it only does a left turn. Here is what I have so far. ; COMMANDS COMMANDS_01 JoystickButton 0 4 COMMANDS_02 JoystickButton 0 5 ; TRUCK TRUCK_ACCELERATE JoystickButton 0 0 TRUCK_BRAKE JoystickButton 0 2 TRUCK_SHIFT_DOWN JoystickButton 0 1 TRUCK_SHIFT_UP JoystickButton 0 3 TRUCK_STEER_LEFT JoystickAxis 0 1 LOWER TRUCK_STEER_RIGHT JoystickAxis 0 1 UPPER TRUCK_SAVE_POS1 JoystickButton 0 8 TRUCK_LOAD_POS1 JoystickButton 0 9 Like I said, rear stear is mapped to the two top trigger buttons, and the front steer is suppose to be on the left stick, it does turn right and when I attempt to, it kinda jiggles like it wants to. I have looked at the ROR website for help with no luck. I have no idea what is wrong, and hopefully someone here can help me. - Jpez1432
  3. I have decided to resurrect MFR, my original monster truck game from back in the day. Mainly just the name and the user interface will be the same (tweaked). I an going to attempt to write the most realistic simulation for a monster truck to date. All new everything...Anyone interested? -James
  4. I was digging through an ole' projects folder and came across this. For lack of a better name it became Project X. It is a simple terrain engine, real time lighting, skybox, water, shaders, terrain variables can be tweaked. At the moment it only supports 4 texture splats but any size texture repeat details. I will definitely add support for more then 4 textures, probably 16. It took about 30 minutes to get it to compile, took out the truck because it was causing seg-faults (crashes) I'm tired... work on it some more tomorrow. Any feed back is welcome. -James
  5. I am installing Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 right now. It is very, very, very difficult to get ROR to compile. At least it was for me, but I have the know how to make stuff work. I was using Code::Blocks for coding for several different reasons but it isn't important, mainly redist runtimes. I am going to move to VS because debugging is on the fly so I can look at values of variables at once. One of the nicest things about VS. Not sure which version of Ogre they used. Your saying that people are having a hard time running ROR as it already is without a "super computer" haha. The source for ROR is pretty in depth but shouldn't be terribly difficult to isolate the physics code. The reason I asked about the 3 people that can make trucks from scratch, get some insight to the file formats. Then maybe write the physics engine over. I know about nodes and beams and all of that. Don't know if you ever messed with MFR: Monster Freestyle Racing, a project I abandoned back in 2009 when I went to prison. I've learned quite a bit since then and completely believe in myself for writing a rendering engine as well and better then what is used in ROR. The one major difference would be it would only use OpenGL for rendering, as I have maybe 5% knowledge with DirectX. API is much cleaner also. Maybe if we can get the ball rolling on this people would be more willing to help out. Have something to show them at least. Like I said it isn't a one man army. Hopefully keep this thread active or pinned if possible. James AIM: jpez1432 jpez1432@gmail.com
  6. Looked in to each engine previously mentioned. The Cry3 engine as well as Unreal 4. Both look absolutely amazing but to be honest I think it would be overkill. Both. Don't get me wrong, I want to make it look as real as possible but I would like to focus on the physics for now. Freestyle and stadium racing will be the only things supported, probably just a sandbox mode as well were you can place crushables and whatnot. What does everyone else around here think about that decision. It isn't set in stone, suggestions are always welcome. I also mentioned on my site about using Alias Wavefront *.OBJ files for models and stadiums, crushables, whatnot. It is easy and strait forward, even easier to parse, and even easier to render in OpenGL. I never really tore apart a truck from R.O.R. I have read up on the file formats but it was pretty lengthy, being the weekend hopefully I will be able to accomplish a lot. Keep on truckin' -James
  7. I am thankful to see there is some interest in updating ROR. Once I am able to isolate the physics code from the rest of the "game" I'll be able to better assess what needs to be done. I've been brainstorming on a whole new physics engine, soft body of course. There is so much that goes in to making a game. I am going to also read up on the Cry 3 engine and also the Unreal 3 engine. See which one is better suited to our needs. When I wrote MFR: Monster Freestyle Racing way back in the day I used ODE: Open Dynamics Engine for the physics, worked well for what I wanted at the time but it is not going to be enough for a new monster truck game. -James
  8. I just read about the cancellation of V5 for R.O.R, it is a shame some people just think they are better then others. I was completely unaware of version 39.5 gonna check that out now. I've kind of drifted away from monster trucks over the years due to life, job, girlfriend and whatnot. I'm going to check out the new version and take a look at the code. Is there any programmers whatsoever that is interested in helping with updating R.O.R? It is most definitely more then a one man job, but it needs to be done. I've looked in to several graphics engines. Unreal 3, and Cry3 are both free to use if there is no profit made. I'm not looking to make money by no means, I want the most realistic monster truck game there is, and I think with participation we can obtain that. The physics would probably be the only thing to carry over... and even that can be updated from what I have already dug in to the source code. Any takers? -James
  9. Forum is up and running.. and the source code for the old legacy version of MFR: Monster Freestyle Racing is available. Any help on Project Monster is welcome.
  10. Noted, thank you. - James
  11. I am not trying to take anything away from Sim-Monsters but I have my own website to promote my game Project Monster as well as a couple other games. If people are interested and all then check it out.
  12. Project Monster is still under way. The website for my new company is located in my profile and were I will be posting information about Project Monster as well as other stuff. I am working on setting up the forum and I've also been working on the track editor so that the one's who have already said they would help and others can use it. Project Monster is coming along nicely though. Check it out if your interested. -James
  13. Well, mainly it will be for a monster truck simulation, hopefully top ROR some day. I don't think there will be series/circuit races like MTM had, it will be freestyle and arena racing only, being monster trucks don't do those sorts of things (unless a lot of protest). Multiplayer will be the same but online, allowing for single races, freestyle will probably have a leader board and also allowing for tournament races. All of this is still in it's infancy. Any suggestions/ideas/concerns/criticism are always welcome. I want to make this for the users... -James
  14. I have not quit working on Project Monster; AKA MTM3. I closed my site and I am trying to decide on a new domain name. Once I have a site again I will start posting regular updates. I've been unable to work on Project Monster for the last 3 weeks as I was out of town. But let it be know great strides are being made. I've really dug deep into the ROR source code and I'm learning a lot and have even started writing the game. I think I am going to use the interface from MFR (Monster Freestyle Racing) The game that "never made it" anyways, hopefully they let this post slide and once I do get a new site up and running, I can put it in my signature. Keep on truckin'. -James
  15. I'm going to the monster truck show tonight and will be taking as many pictures as possible. I'm still working on "MTM3" aka Project Monster.
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