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  1. WF19 Attendees?

    bump. Also, would you guys be interested in a meet up of sorts? Say, we pick a time and a truck to meet at?
  2. WF19 Attendees?

    Hey guys. I was curious as to how many members from this site actually attend the World Finals, and how many will be attending this year's event. I'm probably not going to be attending WF as often anymore (6 year streak r.i.p.), so i wanted to know who all will be at the last Vegas one so i could meet up with them. If you're going this year, comment below!
  3. Dumb Tough 2017

    Version 1.0.0


    Ever wondered what a poor man's monster truck would look like? Imagine not having enough money to buy event he cheapest parts available, and having to resort to the junkyard to build your dream. Well, that's what we have here everybody. A truck built off one man's passion for monster trucks and the dedication to make his own. Win, Lose, or draw, you cannot deny this trucks tenacity to put on a show. Ladies and gentleman, i present to you... Dumb Tough 2017 (#4) This truck has to be the single most detailed project i''ve ever done. There were times where i didn't wanna finish it, and times where i couldn't stop coming up with new ideas for it. You tell me where you'll find another Monster Truck that uses an old wine barrel as a Fuel Cell? Overall,it turned out exactly how i wanted it to be.An old piece of junk that would live to excite. She's not just a spawn once and say "ah, cool". There;s detail everywhere you look on this truck. Look around! Credit: Fernando Martinez - Jeep cab, chevy rear, Chassis, Axles, Knuckles, Planetaries, Rims, Supercharger, Oval Air Filter, Shocks, 4links, Extinguisher, Muffler, Fuel Line, Valve Covers, Lexan Tab Scews, Lexan tabs. Andrew Sheets - Paint (round of a applause), Chevy hood, Several dents and cracks (thanks), Rest of Engine, and All tires on the truck! DiggerFan - Old racing seat Klayton Halog/RockCrlwer - Batteries & Transmission Home Dept - Endless amounts of duct tape And probably that i don't know to mention, but thanks! **SMRA version included....but not pretty...n/b suck.
  4. Earth Shaker 2017

    Thats bc no one uploads their truck corrrectly. .4.7 is great. Even if the truck is missing something it wont crash your game like past versions.
  5. Earth Shaker 2017

  6. The Black Pearl Monster Truck

    Thats what i did and it worked finally. Take everything in the Black Pearl folderr and dump it into the Overbored Zip and folder. Then Clear and Regen your cache, and you should be good to go.
  7. WF19 Attendees?

    - Bring a bag, backpack, etc. (you always end up leaving with more than u brought) - Bring a light to medium sweater or jacket. (Pretty sunny and warm in the day, usually a little chill at night) -Chap stick - External Battery for charging phones or cameras - Water for the pit party -Comfy shoes That usually is about good for me
  8. WF19 Attendees?

    It'd be a cool deal if we could get a Sim-Monsters meet up going!! anybody else attending?

    ....Or you could help this guys out instead of hitting him with one liners. I think the chassis you meant, was a Cohen. (that is if you want the real life version). It's easy to confuse the 2, but they are different. Here's the one i believe you're basing your request on: A fairly simple way to tell the difference between a CRD and a Cohen, are the bars circled in red. CRD's are more slanted, while Cohen's are straight up. It's one of the ways i quickly decipher the two, so hope that helps. CRD: Cohen:
  10. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    Now we're in business! Just shorten that wheel base a hair and you got my vote
  11. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    i actually like the look of these, but one question.................Why would FELD allow Cory to run a giant MTT sticker by the name and a smaller MTT sticker on the window?
  12. ScrapyardUpdated Fuel Cells

    View File Updated Fuel Cells Monster not makin' power? Did you check the Fuel? No? WELL THERE'S YOUR'E PROBLEM. in the zip includes, a Fuel cell in which the 3D extended points mount is based off the ones that are welded to either CRD or Cohen chassis. The "generic" square one can be found on most indy trucks on the circuit As always, feel free to modify these in any way, but be sure to give credit where it is due. ***The fuel lines DO NOT match up exactly to our 540 Engine model's lines. It will need some modifying to fit properly. Credits: Fernando Martinez - Everything that makes up the fuel cell, and the base textures Andrew Sheets - Adding Dirt to the Cell Submitter fernBurn Submitted 02/22/2018 Category Truck Building Items  
  13. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    personally, i might have just added a slight glow coding to the fuel cell texture. good idea tho
  14. Mr. Destruction

    Version 1.0.0


    Had a good time re-visiting this ol' project from my early years. It's so much better and im proud to display this piece of monster truck history for you guys to enjoy. Credit: Shocks, paint, & Windshield "nettting" - me Side Window Nets, Cab & Front clip - Andrew Sheets Bed - Mark Collineri Original Rims - Johan Seminario (acdcfan56) (Modified by me) Chassis & Hearders - Nicholad Kozak (Outlawed) Engine - Andrew Wamsley (Wambo) (Headers slightly modified by me) Tires - Klayton Halog > modified by Diggerfan > Re-sized by me Battery, Transmission, steering hydros - Klayton Halog (RockCrwlr) Other Props used for this truck - Content creators of SM
  15. Anaheim 2017 Experimental Fun Run! 2/17/18

    Name: Fernando Martinez Discord Name: N/A Truck: El Toro loco Truck Link:
  16. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    wrong rims..use the ones off S10 Avenger and make them grey
  17. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    lol yea i know that part, but im mainly talking about the front clip (whole body in Nitro's Circus' case) you guys keep putting it on the same ugly outdated F150 clip that makes the truck look horrible....for Northern Nightmare how hard would it be to just add the newest front clip?? Added: If you just looked at em, you'd realize you can just do some minor adjustments, and you'll instantly have a better body (sounds like a diet commercial) Literally, took me not even 5 minutes to just throw something together. Really, all it needs now is a new UV map and you're golden Guys just gotta start making do with what you have and stop waiting for others to do it.
  18. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    sooosooo no one is ever gonna use the correct F150 bodies for Nitro and Northern Nightmare?
  19. Scrapyard540 Merlin Engine

    View File 540 Merlin Engine Time to REVV up your engines! Andrew Sheets and i proudly present to you this 540 Merlin based off the exact same ones ran in FELD trucks and few Indy's. Included are 2 blend models for the engine. Only difference between the 2 are the Valve covers. 1 round and 1 edged. Feel free to modify the engine as you wish, but please give credit to Andrew and i where it is due. Hope you guys enjoy this, and i can't wait to see every one of your projects rise to the next level! Credit: Andrew Sheets - Block, Edge Valve Covers, Pulleys, Belts, Air Filter, Air Intake, Distributor and wires, Oil Pan, Fuel Lines, and various texturing. Fernando Martinez - Supercharger, Supercharger bolts, Spec Map modifying, Sizing, In-game testing, and Round Valve Covers. Submitter fernBurn Submitted 01/25/2018 Category Truck Building Items  
  20. ScrapyardMagnaflow Collectors

    View File Magnaflow Collectors Noise regulations are a bummer right? but at least they look cool! Credit: Fernando Martinez - Modeling Headers, and spec map tweaking Andrew Sheets - Aid with Collecting piece, and Texturing Submitter fernBurn Submitted 02/07/2018 Category Truck Building Items  
  21. Pastrana 199 & Nitro Circus

    i wouldve geeked out on this more if it had the newer body. Granted, its not the exact one used, but it looks a whole lot better than that one. cool idea tho
  22. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    looks pretty easy to trip over a bunch of obstacles, and call them saves
  23. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    YESS I LOVE YOU! I WAS ABOUT TO WASTE MY TIME AND MODEL A NEW ONE...WOOOO sorryfordoublepost,didntseethis
  24. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    thats sick bro