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    MJU uses Rigs of Rods?

  2. fernBurn

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    I stay active ūüėé
  3. fernBurn

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    I think i didnt paint monster energy. That was John Dough, i did do BT tho. Good job.
  4. fernBurn

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    not bad at all man, good job
  5. fernBurn

    Hey I'm new to Sim-monsters

    Welcome man! Please take some time to read over the site rules, and we look forward to seeing you around!
  6. fernBurn

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    nah, he gone
  7. fernBurn

    [Truck]War machine(Disharoon)

    id love to
  8. fernBurn


    id love to
  9. fernBurn


    id love to
  10. fernBurn

    [truck] First Response(Budd)

    id love to.
  11. fernBurn

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    I would use those for the ind versions. If any truck in this pack is a "Monster Jam" version, i'd go with the newer split clark rims i released. But ya i agree.
  12. fernBurn

    Wrenchead.com 2001

    Rims were made by me, suckafish. I'm wrong. Those aren't mine, but i probably would've used the ones off Hooked. Its a pretty general rim a lot of trucks back then (and some now) used.
  13. fernBurn

    Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    In case you wanted any context ^^^^^^^^^ Obsessed Wear "sponsored" truck. It's sitting on Rick's chassis and Rick will be driving it. It's basically to promote the Swansons Top Notch T's shirt company as well as Eric's clothing brand Obsessed Wear. Not sure how long itll run
  14. fernBurn

    Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Titan showing off a new wrap today in Winnemucca, Nevada Can't lie, those two old school bodies look amazing sitting beside each other.
  15. fernBurn

    Post your Rides.

    +100 Redneck points for visor. looks good
  16. fernBurn

    Post your Rides.

    i'd kill to have some room behind my seats lol. Would make sleeping in my truck during show weekends a whole lot easier
  17. fernBurn

    Post your Rides.

    Decent little truck i've had for about 2 years or so. 2001 Ford Ranger XLT Haven't done anything to it really in that time. Hoping to get it tinted here soon, and still debating on whether or not i should lift it with new wheels and tires. Appropriately named 'Patchez' for obvious reasons lol.
  18. fernBurn


    Cmon, we WANT MEGALODON !!!!!!!!!!! @Andrew
  19. fernBurn

    Carolina Crusher 2015



    Here is the Porter-mobile! sorry it took so long to release. been busy with school and other things that irritate me, but nonetheless I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY! Credit: Body: Andrew college ruled Sheets Paint: Me Tires & Battery Model: Rock Crwlr Rims: Lindsey Johan Chassis: prescription Kozak The Rest: respective truck maker EXTRACT ALL FILES FROM ZIP & PUT IN VEHICLES FOLDER......gracias if any thing is missing, please pm me FIXED THE ISSUE WITH IT NOT SHOWING UP ONLINE. as of 3-14-15
  20. fernBurn

    Bustin Loose



    thought I'd make this since this was one of my favorite trucks back in the day. Had fun making it! Hope you guys enjoy! Credit: Paint- Me Rim Placement help- Marcus Santana Chassis- Kozak Chassis Re-construction- Me Props- Me Rims- Me FIXED PNG'S
  21. fernBurn

    Colton ike chassis?

    Vinson's 31 is an Inhouse, as far as i can tell. Bc you can. ****admins make both posts into 1 post, i didnt kno how lol
  22. fernBurn

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    28 total upvotes for some ribbons around a truck. why am i even trying.
  23. fernBurn

    Taurus Custom 2018

    i think i put those shocks together