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  1. SMRA Season 4 Budgets

    No limits Motorsports Puebla, co starting budget: 65,267 booking pay: 8,000 event purse: 4,100 Travel costs: 1,800 damages: 1,000 new budget: 74,567
  2. Big Kahuna 2017

    Version 1.0.0


    A truck that was made a while back by rorseries and me, not really private anymore so i figured i should just release it Paint- Zona Body - Andrew Sheets Tires - John Dough Prop placement - Me/rorseries LEDs - rorseries modifications/ setup adjustments - me Chassis - Kozak
  3. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    No Limits Motorsports almost ready for 2017 SMRA season Keaton painted his truck, Aces High, And for his 1st time painting a truck its pretty damn impressive. My truck came out pretty good i think, proud to be supporting our brothers in blue
  4. Season 4 Sign Up (CLOSED)

    Have You Participated in SMRA Prior to this Season?: Yes Name: Jack McCarthy Hometown: Long Island, NY Preferred Event Day: Saturday Truck Name: Strictly Business Truck Download Link: TBA If Team Team Name: No Limits Motorsports Shop Location: Long Island, NY Captain: Me Budget: $65,267 Members:Max Halpert, Marty Hussey, Marcelo Mendoza, Blaise Zantinge, Keaton Barney Touring Partners: TBA
  5. FUN RUN TODAY @ MINNY 2013 8pm est

    heres the very autistic stream with terrible commentary, hope you get a few laughs out of it, 20:20 was one of my fav moments
  6. FUN RUN TODAY @ MINNY 2013 8pm est

    My first fun run in a while, racing will be random brackets Rules: no hecksteering, no tantrums, no arguing with officials, and don't keep going after rii sign up like this Name: Jack McCarthy Discord: Jackattack29 Truck: Big Kahuna Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3vxjtvy6wt5xsny Heres the track link Drivers meeting will be at 7:45 pm est racing starts at 8 pm est
  7. FUN RUN TODAY @ MINNY 2013 8pm est

    The event went way better than expected, and was definentally something to remember for everyone involved, some really funny moments and some crazy moments. In racing we saw some crazy races, the race between matthew and Jon was one of the closest I've ever seen, I was able to take home the racing win in the finals against Chadwick. In freestyle we saw some insane moves one of my favorites was Jacob Silvia's wheelie combo into a backflip save that can be seen above, but above all was probably the most amazing saves I've ever seen, Matthew was able to pull off a save after almost backfliping his truck over the ramp, this run took the win in freestyle. I hope everybody had a great time tonight, I sure did, keep your eyes peeled because I'm thinking about hosting another one next week
  8. FUN RUN TODAY @ MINNY 2013 8pm est

    Here's the discord we will be using https://discord.gg/QYpD9b
  9. V4 ReplicaBig Kahuna 2017

    View File Big Kahuna 2017 A truck that was made a while back by rorseries and me, not really private anymore so i figured i should just release it Paint- Zona Body - Andrew Sheets Tires - John Dough Prop placement - Me/rorseries LEDs - rorseries modifications/ setup adjustments - me Chassis - Kozak Submitter Jackattack29 Submitted 10/24/2017 Category V4 Replica  
  10. October 1st - Fun Run @ Syracuse, New York ~ 2017

    big kahuna
  11. R.I.P Ted Christopher

    I know this thread is already dead but just wanted to say i was there the night of the race at Riverhead and it was a really sad scene, they did a really nice tribute bringing his car out for a lap, just a real tragedy for the whole short track racing community.
  12. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    Holy crap it's roach again
  13. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    Lol why would u say that, I'm pretty sure it's against the rules to make another account after ur banned.
  14. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    On a more serious note the truck looks absolutely horrendous and the name is just as stupid as the truck looks, "White and Backwards", Sounds like the name of an adult film. But since this appears to be your first attempt at a truck take advice from past projects from others to become s better truck maker. Good attempt though? You'll only get better, unless your Garett Hanson
  15. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    I've never seen something as amazing as this, the creativity, the effort, and the incredible name. You sir are the greatest artist who ever lived!
  16. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

  17. Avenger World Finals 17

    Version 1.0.0


    This is the first replica truck i have ever released. Jim Khoeler ran this truck at the World Finals 17 back in april, the truck had an old and rusty theme to it and looked really good. He drove the truck like a crazy person as he usually does, he filled less than 30 seconds of his freestyle run after he tried doing donuts on the top of a ramp ruining the awesome looking body, but who didn't see that coming. Made for 0.4 and 0.37 Credits: Tires - John dough Andrew Sheets- Body Kozak- Chassis Paint- Myself Rims-Fern(correct me if im wrong)
  18. Show Your Projects Chapter 58

    The amount of brain cells I've lost seeing all of your posts is just insane.
  19. Fun Run 7/16/17 @ 6:30 PM EST East Rutherford 2017

    Jack McCarthy VP Mad Scientist
  20. New Years Resolutions

    Just wanted to create this thread so people could share their resolutions for 2017 and see what other people goals are. Personally, my new years resolution is to start spending some more time with family and not to take what i have for granted.
  21. Gauging interest in a possible new league concept.

    Sounds like an awesome idea and I'd love to be a part of this
  22. Show Your Projects Chapter 57

    No, are you high?
  23. Show Your Projects Chapter 57

    The Blue chassis looks absolutely atrocious
  24. Hockey Thread

    I'm gonna go ahead and revive this thread for playoffs, I myself am a ranger fan and I'm hoping we get the needed W tonight against ottawa. I'd also like to ask for opinions on this hit yesterday on Crosby https://youtu.be/YjDF1Saryg4
  25. RORFT World Finals II

    This track is what I'd like to see from monster jam, a nice mix of dirt ramps and tons of cars. Amazing track Chris, can't wait till the event.