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  1. Overkill Evolution 2016 V2

    any idea why the chassis and body is completely missing?
  2. Bulldozer Werner Updated

    I have the sound pack.. might be the tires. ill have to see if any of the other trucks I downloaded have them tires so I can copy the file over. thanks
  3. Mr. Destruction

    I asked someone about this a while ago, thanks!!
  4. PMATS tour stop 1:santiago de chile august 5th at 4:00 EST

    ok ill give it a shot today. was there a password being used for the run that happened Friday? if so that may have been the problem bc I didn't have one
  5. PMATS tour stop 1:santiago de chile august 5th at 4:00 EST

    how about what happened to the dude who was hosting this? and why I couldn't get the server to load so I can play....
  6. PMATS tour stop 1:santiago de chile august 5th at 4:00 EST

    I always forget or id be on every one I can run! let me know when you do them, im in!
  7. PMATS tour stop 1:santiago de chile august 5th at 4:00 EST

    ill try and make it RoR name: fastfivenine Truck Adams Grave Digger 32 2016 Link to truck:
  8. West Lebanon 2016

    ive waited foreverrrrrr for this!!! thank you!!!!!
  9. ror.37 fun run rc and fs at arlington

    I forget all the time to check. I have done one fun run without freestyle. dying to get one going.
  10. updated Mr. Destruction?

    really wish I knew how to build my own trucks. I hate to bother people
  11. updated Mr. Destruction?

    anything found?
  12. updated Mr. Destruction?

    appreciate it!!
  13. updated Mr. Destruction?

    Name: Mr. Destruction Body: 1941 willys Chassis: whatever works best? Paint (images of color/graphics): https://www.google.com/search?q=dennis+anderson+mr+destruction&biw=1146&bih=552&tbm=isch&imgil=8bR77pRCCBMXCM%253A%253Ba-7_jb_Zs9yZZM%253Bhttp%25253A%25252F%25252Fmonsterphoto.iwarp.com%25252Fmrdestr.htm&source=iu&pf=m&fir=8bR77pRCCBMXCM%253A%252Ca-7_jb_Zs9yZZM%252C_&usg=__-UMEBD5-yeEzHtCuzTT5pWxRLaU%3D&ved=0ahUKEwjR-artk_vKAhWFdz4KHQn0AoYQyjcIKQ&ei=bn7CVtGKA4Xv-QGJ6IuwCA#imgrc=PjgMIzy7Z2xozM%3A Other details: would like a few custom touches done. looking for the shock setup adam used on his newer grave digger the legend chassis. and the more detailed things on the truck. im new to this and correct me if I did anything wrong. want to use this as my personal truck. just have no clue how to make them. thanks
  14. Fun Run @ World Finals XVI Racing on Saturday Oct 3rd (2nd Attempt)

    Daniel sears danthaman427@yahoo.com grave digger xxx 2015 this is my first time doing this so is there anything I should know?