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  1. Favorite NFL Football Team

    I like the Bears and the Buccaneers.
  2. Favorite NFL Football Team

    Chicago Bears FTW!
  3. Overkill Evolution

    lexan is grey for me
  4. Chris Hamilton V4 Updates

    Blue Thunder's windshield is solid grey.
  5. V4 Truck Ingame Problems

    I didn't know this was that old. I just go on random threads.
  6. Show Your Projects Chapter 32

    At this rate, Im guessing a month.
  7. Show Your Projects Chapter 32

    No offense to anyone, but those Max-D trucks are the best I have ever seen.
  8. When you feel sad, sing a song about kittens.

  9. GraveDiggerIdle.wav

    Thanks, I was doing that wrong, but that wont help. I download a fresh v4, but the 1st time I load it up, I see the error. This is the way I have been doing it for a year, but it started doing this about 3 weeks ago.
  10. GraveDiggerIdle.wav

    Didn't work. Guess I'll use Box5 monster trucks.
  11. GraveDiggerIdle.wav

    I have tried everything, but I am getting the same error every time!
  12. GraveDiggerIdle.wav

    Putting the zipped folder in the packs does not fix the error. I also tried this with the 0.38 version of smv4
  13. GraveDiggerIdle.wav

  14. GraveDiggerIdle.wav

    Im putting it in the veichles folder. the files are in a folder
  15. GraveDiggerIdle.wav

    When I choose a truck, it says I am missing the GraveDiggerIdle.wav file, but when I go into the smv4 file, GraveDiggerIdle.wav is in the folder. Can I get some help?