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  1. LeWarriorofMJ

    Updated Sim-Monsters Pack

    Okay. Hopefully a v5 does come out at some point! But only time will tell at this point.
  2. LeWarriorofMJ

    Updated Sim-Monsters Pack

    Hey, haven't spoken on this forum in a REALLY LONG time... A lot have things have changed since my last visit...whenever that was...since RoR in general on my Mac decided to stop working...no matter what version I use... I hate to be "that guy" when it comes to a new Sim-Monsters pack, but do you think there will ever be a Version 5? I know, V4 is the most popular and up to date pack, but I really think a V5 is long overdue. Don't worry, I'm aware of the long(er) development times when it comes to making a new truck/track...or any type of mod for that matter. Please let me know if there is a certain possibility of a new SM pack! Thanks! ~LeWarriorofMJ P.S. if you are planning on doing a V5, I'll submit suggestions in case you're open to it! EDIT 4:00 PM 05/11/18: Should've mentioned this was more-so aimed towards the developers of the main SMV4 pack.
  3. LeWarriorofMJ

    the lost relics of ROR sim monsters

    I know this would probably be something to tell Ash, but for some reason: 1. Grave digger has multiple frames (one under the truck and one crossing through it vertically) 2. Avenger's body is on backwards. Am I missing something?
  4. LeWarriorofMJ

    Monsters of ROR - This Summer

    Nice video! Just wondering, though. What version of ROR will we have to use: 0.37, 0.38/0.39,
  5. LeWarriorofMJ

    World Finals 1-5 Pack

    Are these only for or are they available for 0.37 as well?
  6. LeWarriorofMJ

    Mark Colineri's Realistic Settings Update

    Love the pack! Are you planning on adding more trucks?
  7. I know this is probably another stupid question, but will RoR 0.4.5 be available for OS X users as well? (I'm running a Mac. I'm trying to save some space for my Dell Tablet before getting the windows 10 upgrade) :/
  8. LeWarriorofMJ

    Jester 2015

    Really good truck TBH.
  9. LeWarriorofMJ

    Southern Snake (Pack)

    BTW, no pictures are available due to a weird glitch (I pasted the link to the image on the insert image button and it said "you can't use that extension in the community.)
  10. LeWarriorofMJ

    Southern Snake (Pack)

    Name: [Truck] Southern Snake Bodies: 1. 1950 Chevy Panel Truck. 2. Futuristic SUV. 3. 2015 Ford F150 SuperDuty 4. 2015 Ford Expedition Chassis: All CRD Paint: Red on hood, Blue on sides, Green on back and top. Chassis color: Black. Decals: http://www.roblox.com/Southern-Snake-FMJ-S10-item?id=281254252 - goes on sides (except the F150 which goes on the door) http://www.roblox.com/Southern-Snake-Decal-3-FFIX-item?id=257392812 - goes on the top (not the hood, the roof. Not supposed to be stretched out on the Expedition) http://www.roblox.com/LeWarriorofMJ-item?id=163177052 - goes on back Other information (structural): Tires: BKT tires. For Qualifying versions, only the hoods and the first logo on the sides of the chassis (The part where you go in). Other information (when other people go to download): This truck is not an open custom, please consult me before you use it in any tours!
  11. LeWarriorofMJ

    Realistic V4 Settings Update

    When the pack gets released, I'll redownload RoR on my computer and go balls out on the trucks! XD!! And I assume they'll be 0.37 compatible?
  12. Name: Grave Digger (Pauken) (Eichelberger) WFXVI Body: 1950 Chevy Panel Chassis: Grave Digger Chassis Paint (images of color/graphics): 11425531_1602224743394960_680998506160983939_o.jpg 11416285_1602224740061627_5065489920956307008_o.jpg Other details: The images were uploaded to Facebook. I got the bodies down, I just need them on the chassis. ;-)