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  1. rockgod88

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    Adding more 'versions'?
  2. rockgod88

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    WIP bc pit parties are fun
  3. rockgod88

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    Hopping on the band wagon Coming to a NAMT near Las Vegas
  4. rockgod88

    Screenshot of the Week!

  5. rockgod88

    Avenger 2018 Pack

    Trucks look ok from distance, but as fern said once closer inspected, there is quite a few issues, Mainly the poor paint "quality" as well as other texture and Mesh issues. (WF19 body is a biggie) I do think the RII lights are neat, as well as the retro, although the mud version could use work IMO.
  6. rockgod88

    Screenshot of the Week!

  7. rockgod88

    Post your Rides.

    Left to right, Daily, Toy, Work horse Taco, 09, 2.7 4 banger, 5 speed manual, practically stock Jeep YJ, 92, 4.0 I6, 5 speed manual, 33 mudders, 3" body lift, 2"(ish) Leafs, hacked fenders, re routed intake, other poo Ram 1500, 05, 5.7 Hemi, Auto, 33ish all terrains, 17" rims, Soon to get Flares and possibly bigger meats Shes a beast, had her down 4 feet deep in mud, pulls though no issues. Next thing is to raise the back a bit, if I can find my other set of shackles 😠
  8. rockgod88

    The Monster Truck Logo Thread

    Monster Patrol anyone?
  9. rockgod88

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    you think your trucks are good, but where is the tEaM wOrK??/????
  10. rockgod88

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    3 years ago, Tony was taken, In memory, Rest in Peace.
  11. rockgod88

    NAMT 2018 Individual Sign-Ups (CLOSED)

    Driver: Blaise Zantinge Truck: CopyCat Discord: R/C Guy#4099 Hometown: Niagara Region, Ontario Download Link: TBA Truck Song: AC/DC - Shoot to Thrill (from Plug Me In)
  12. rockgod88

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

  13. rockgod88

    how to make tracks on blender

  14. rockgod88

    WIP Halloween Grave Digger

    Or, I dunno post here? Hmmmmmm
  15. rockgod88

    Grave Digger 16 pack v2



    Wrapped up this pack, seems like an appropriate time Credits @deadgod88 Blender, Paint edits, NB, textures, other stuff..... @TheBostonRag Old paint, help with new flames @Outlawed Original Chassis, hitches SM Community Other helpful items V2 includes -Breakable -WF6 Encore -Tinfoil shocks, for red rim vareint Should be standalone.