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  1. timburks73

    King Krunch Off-Road

  2. timburks73

    Oldies Racing Mini Pack

  3. timburks73

    back from the dead

    hey Roach!
  4. timburks73

    back from the dead

    now I was never even close to being good on here but tonight I cant even remember what button does what and I assigned them myself,
  5. timburks73

    back from the dead

    lol ive forgot how to even put terrains and trucks into the game
  6. timburks73

    back from the dead

    the one and only Kozak how are ya
  7. timburks73

    back from the dead

    ive been keeping up with ya on facebook Mark,even before the friend request
  8. timburks73

    back from the dead

    looks like i can never get away from this place completely. been 2 years since I logged in here last (I think). Now time to download everything again.
  9. timburks73

    A note concerning V5

    imo under the new found evidence this post needs to be taken down, cause half of the people wont read all the way through to see he didnt hack and will constantly accuse him of it
  10. timburks73

    V4 CustomAM/PM Boss Leafer

    tires all white also, plus no sounds
  11. timburks73

    PS3 Controller Mapping?

    you can set it up however you want
  12. timburks73

    The what did you get thread

    i got the flu, now both my kids got the flu.... id rather have herps and crabs.
  13. timburks73

    V4 Truck Ingame Problems

    because they are made to run on .37 NOT .38
  14. timburks73

    truck help and game

    click on the downloads tab at the top of the page, then look on the left had side under top downloads, 4th one down ,ror 37.117