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  1. iZonarYT

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    Ya know, I did respond to your post about needing help putting spec's on stuff, did you just decide to ignore it? Or not read it? It's good you at least asked for help but to continue to ignore said help is just asking for people to rag on your work. If the answer I provided seems too confusing send me a pm and let me help you understand it better.
  2. iZonarYT

    Chassis spec

    Find the .material file of the chassis, in my example I'll be using Hotline Miami Night Life. So I'd find HotlineMiamiNightLife.material, once I have this file open your going to see a sort of "list" of .png's that are used within this part of the truck, for example. material SOLID/TEX/Chassis.003/SOLID/TEX/Crazyradiator.png/VertCol { { technique { pass { texture_unit { texture Crazyradiator.png } } } } This is just a radiator, looking at the name of the .png can help a lot. Once you find the .png that is being used for the color of the chassis you simply replace from the "{" to the very last "}" at the bottom of the section (see above where the red highlighted "{}" are for an example.) You'll replace it using these lines { technique { pass { scene_blend alpha_blend vertex_program_ref NiceMetal_VS { } fragment_program_ref SimpleMetal_PS { } texture_unit diffusetex { texture OverBoredChassis.png 2d tex_coord_set 0 } texture_unit speculartex { texture sm-shine.png 2d tex_coord_set 1 } } pass { scene_blend add vertex_program_ref NiceMetal_Reflect_VS { } fragment_program_ref NiceMetal_Reflect_nocolor_PS { } texture_unit reflectivetex { texture sm-spec.png 2d tex_coord_set 0 } texture_unit envmaptex { cubic_texture EnvironmentTexture combinedUVW tex_address_mode clamp tex_coord_set 1 } } } } The only thing you'll be changing in this section is the .png that is highlighted in red. You must change it to whatever .png is being used for the chassis, in my example if it didnt say OverBoredChassis.png, I'd need to change it to that other wise it wont show up. You could make your own Spec and Shine .png's but since your still new to this I'd just recommend using the SM-Shine and SM-Spec.png's Hope it helps.
  3. iZonarYT

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    If you have to rip the truck I built, I'd appreciate if you did more to set it apart from my original work. Also, just a heads up, use different rims because those rims were done specifically to work with the older SIR model, so basically they wont fit anything else. Also, loose the headlights, even as a custom fluffy I don't think those headlights fit the design of fluffy as a whole.
  4. iZonarYT

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    If you want to go for something like this, I'd highly suggest you increase resolution of everything your working on so you cant see the jaggy edges on everything, especially with triangle shapes you need more resolution to make things look crisper.
  5. iZonarYT

    Rigs of Rods Video Thread

  6. iZonarYT

    Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    @LordFrosting and I are back at it again at GALOT where he brought back the Blue for the weekend while we showed up and showed out for the fans in some wild stunt spots and some awesome dual freestyle hits. Hotline feels like a dream and from talking with Matt, Fuel Injection has never ran better, after the tough running in NAMT we found our set ups and are just having a good time with them these days. 🤙
  7. iZonarYT

    Ionia Michigan 2017

    0/10 not enough throwdown girls 😜 great job on the tracks as always, the level of detail is inspiring and incredible!!!
  8. iZonarYT

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    You definitely need to adjust those headers if you have to use those collectors. They sit wayyyyyy too low, but I'd recommend looking at more reference photos for headers and creating some that actually match the trucks. Like seen in the pictures above. I also agree on the paints looking a bit funky, they seem stretched and warped and I think there is a lot more work that can be done to improve the paints, and I'd really recommend studying the pictures you find so that the trucks really match the real life counter parts. Keep up the work, take your time and reallyyyyy go out of your way to make them look good.
  9. iZonarYT

    Post your Rides.

    2001 Ford Ranger you say? Tinted windows you say? HMMMMMM!!! This is my beaut a 2001 Ford Ranger 4.0L with the 04 mirrors swapped onto it. I have an extra set of the 04 mirrors if you want em @fernBurn Free! Sitting on Hankook Dynapro ATM's 235/75/r15 to be exact. <--- (not shown in pictures, haven't had the desire to take pictures with the new tires on it yet) I've own it for almost 3 years now and not had to put much into her, replaced a fuel pump and brakes and nothing else. 122,000 miles strong and I don't see it slowing down anytime soon. Also bought it with some tint on the windows, not sure what % is on it though. On the inside I replaced the door speakers with some JBL's and have a Rockford 12" R1 on a Pioneer Amp, everything sounds great, just wish it didn't rattle so much being that the plastics basically falling apart.
  10. iZonarYT

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    I don't think this is something that should have to be said but not all parts are built to proper scale, someone might build a motor larger to fit more detail in it. Then the user simply scales the part to fit better. Just because it was released doesn't mean it's going to work in every situation, you might have to modify it to fit better.
  11. iZonarYT

    Bad Company 2018

    Steelie Wheelie Automobilie 5 Strikes Again! Great job man, crisp paint, nothing out of order. This is how to make trucks!
  12. iZonarYT

    Over Bored & Miss Over Bored 2018

    For what it is, I suppose this pack isn't too bad, however there are a lot of small things that really need addressing, lines coming off the Radiators and Trans coolers could definitely be made better, also not sure what you did with the spec's and shine's but the belt on the motor has a pink shine to it in some light. Also probably the most annoying thing I found which is pretty silly to me is that the Miss Over Bored should not have the same sponsor panel as Over Bored. I'll give you the benefit because your pc is "dying" but whenever you get the chance I'd like to see all of this being addressed to make it a more solid pack. I think you have the potential but you need to take the time to really fine tune the trucks.
  13. iZonarYT

    Screenshot of the Week!

    Screenthot of the week was pretty awesome. This week we're going to go back to our roots, no editing just screenies, get creative, 2 or 3, or even 4 trucks? Let your creativity run wild! Congratulations to @rockgod88 for winning this week with the dankest deep fried meme on the planet. Week 16: NAMT East Rutherford
  14. iZonarYT

    Screenshot of the Week!

    "keep it site legal" if you guys can't read we cant have fun