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    monster jam, rigs of rods, rock crawling, mud bogging, thrill rides, nascar, anything with a motor pretty much

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  1. Thedodgeman

    question about downloads

    i am new here and i was wondering whats the process for getting downloads on the site how long does it take?
  2. Thedodgeman


    god are people really that desperate geez just a freaking game
  3. Thedodgeman

    Gravedigger XX

  4. Thedodgeman

    Gravedigger XX

    i am not surprised there is nothing freaking different with this truck all you did was change tires STOP UPLOADING CRAP
  5. Thedodgeman

    little tiger

    all you did was once again change tires and What the hell is a "Chassy"???
  6. Thedodgeman


    you really did nothing to changing tires is not updating it theres nothing different and this kinda of stuff shouldnt be uploaded you didnt do anything besides change tires same with all ur other trucks
  7. Thedodgeman

    Rigs of Rods Video Thread

    nice video cod and mark
  8. Thedodgeman

    Show Your Projects Chapter 1

    that top fuel dragster is just plain badass One amazing mud truck
  9. Thedodgeman

    Show Your Projects Chapter 35

    mud truck coming out very nice mdemko
  10. Thedodgeman

    Batman revamped

    all you did was change the tires
  11. Thedodgeman

    Show Your Projects Chapter 35

    Mark that track is orgasmic
  12. Thedodgeman

    What is this site lacking?

    if i could what this site was lacking was one thing, and that would be nothing
  13. Thedodgeman

    .37 server admin issues

    On top of that you should run scripts just saying alot easier to do servers with scripting go to ror.ezzg.be and get the required things
  14. east rutherford was awesome