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    Monster Trucks(Obvi), Been a fan of wrestling since I was little. Im a proud Canadian who like to say Bud a lot. Im a funny guy, living life to the fullest.
  1. Bailout 2015

  2. DR Death

  3. General LeeIII/Fast & Furious

  4. Crushin' Chaos

  5. V4 Leafer Pack#1

  6. WF14/15 W.I.P.

    Holy jeez people, Im still waiting on WF 18, show some consideration! Jokes
  7. smv4/packs Problem

    Alright. That fixed it Lord. Thanks
  8. smv4/packs Problem

    Alright. Thanks
  9. smv4/packs Problem

    For the past year I have downloaded and used trucks no problem. Today I downloaded the Digger XXX 2015 truck, put it in my smv4 folder, but then there was a problem. I opened ROR and the none of the trucks were there. Only a couple that are in the Vehicles folder. Anyone know a fix? I haven't had this problem before..
  10. Gravedigger2015

    "It sits too low" Have you seen Digger 30? That sucker is grinding the ground. Amazing job Fern!
  11. El Toro Loco 2015 (McDonough)

    Why do we ask for so many small things like this? You would probably only use the smoke once or twice. Great truck btw! Drives great.
  12. V4 CustomMonster Energy Pro 4 2015

    I tried to use it today and ROR crashed. Didnt give me an error report. Any idea why that happened? Thanks
  13. Show Your Projects Chapter 37

    Monsterjamcod, will these tracks be released? They look very interesting to drive on.
  14. Show Your Projects Chapter 37

    Okay, thanks.The trucks look amazing so far!
  15. Show Your Projects Chapter 37

    Hey rockgod, when you release the trucks, will they break when we drive them too?