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  1. where can i find the xbox controller map files?

  2. monsterjamlive2017

    Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    correct me if im wrong... is that dirt crew? jk.. nice earthshaker
  3. monsterjamlive2017

    2017 Tracks

    To all of the great track makers, keep doing your stuff! One question is when will some 2017 tracks be released!
  4. monsterjamlive2017

    Show Your Projects Chapter 54

    Yes, the logo is indeed purple, he was at one of my local shows here in Evansville this past July. Team Scream and Ballistic, USA-1, qUADZILLA, were at the show too.
  5. monsterjamlive2017

    (tracks) Gaithersburg 2015

    Oh Ok, I hope they have it admitted by tonight or early tomorrow morning because I wanna play on it.
  6. monsterjamlive2017

    (tracks) Gaithersburg 2015

    what happened to the track it wont work for me
  7. monsterjamlive2017

    Eagen County Fair (Custom)

    0.4? or no
  8. monsterjamlive2017

    SSRS in 2017

    Can you approve the Southaven track? Because the owner of the track said that he needs a moderator to be approved again for the track download link to work.
  9. monsterjamlive2017

    SSRS in 2017

    I mean sure ig, but ummm....ig
  10. monsterjamlive2017

    SSRS in 2017

    I don't know if this is true or not? lmao
  11. monsterjamlive2017

    (tracks) Southaven 2016

    It won't download for me...wtf
  12. monsterjamlive2017

    Show your Diggers Chapter 52

    When is this gonna be released, looks sick, a pretty sick custom track. Good work!
  13. monsterjamlive2017

    Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K17 Thread

    New date for Evansville Indiana next year , it's April 28-29th!
  14. monsterjamlive2017

    West Lebanon 2016

    When he said that he was gonna do it tomorrow, I said I wanted to try and see if I could do it myself...obviously it didnt work.... smh smh smh smh smh
  15. monsterjamlive2017

    West Lebanon 2016