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  1. Teads

    Grave Digger XX Pack

  2. Teads

    Show Your Projects Chapter 44

    this looks absolutely awesome!!!
  3. Teads

    What was your first Monster Truck experience?

    Astrodome 2002 during Dennis' 20th anniversary. He won the racing and the freestyle. He absolutely gave everything that truck had. Even to this day one of my favorite freestyles to watch.
  4. Teads

    Anaheim 2013

    definitely one of the better tracks I've downloaded. Wide open but not too wide open.
  5. Teads

    Show Your Projects Chapter 40

    Is there anyway you could turn these chassis' into mesh files then release them too.
  6. Teads

    Houston Astrodome 2002

    I cannot find a great picture of it but it was a show that I went to... Was an awesome show! If anyone made it that'd be super tight
  7. Yeah OBVIOUSLY those are the trucks he drove FULL TIME... But keep in mind back in the 90's for shows that weren't highly televised, drivers would be called to fill in for other drivers if something came up prior to the show.
  8. thanks bud haha its whatever! But isn't that ironic? Meents in a grave digger. thats like Magic johnson playing for the celtics
  9. Believe it or not I think that meents was a fill in driver for Lyle's digger around 95 for one event... Obviously he was driving monster patrol at the time... Lol I don't want to be crucified if I'm wrong...
  10. you say let you know so you you will re-upload it yet you still havent uploaded it
  11. Teads

    Maximum Destruction Pack

    beautiful job best complete trucks i've seen
  12. Teads

    [Truck] Monster Patrol

    i have a great one that i tried to upload but they blocked it if anyone needs it