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  1. World Finals XIX Discussion

    They could probably put a Digger driver or Max D driver in Mutt if they really wanted it. Great choices would be Randy or even Colton. Neither are going to win their tour, so this might be an option. Plus, MM is really popular, so in a way, it would also be beneficial toward FELD (more merchandise etc). However, you also have to look at Felds past, and then you see that most likely, there will be 4 (actually 5 cuz of Pablo) Diggers and 3 Max Ds (possibly 4 if Jared continues his charge against Justin). Really an argument between what should happens based on logic, and what should happen based on the past.
  2. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Yeah Ryan seems to be the only one to actually try. For example, after a two wheel run, he explains what they were trying to do and after a freestyle he makes a few comments on it. Lots of genuine energy from him. The others seem to be really "by the book", as most of them probably had no idea what MJ was before getting hired. There's a few exceptions, like Taylor and Ken, but the rest are just bleh honestly. Same goes with a lot of the new drivers, they all seem so fake (like Bryce repeats the same speech about the fans and what not every show lol)
  3. The Plan for WF18

    Wow, only one person understands... shoutout to Rocco @Mr. Self Destruct lol. It's not that I'm feeling pressure from anyone else, I'm just doing this for my own benefit. I don't give a sh!t about what others think. This isn't your classic "oh so many people are rushing me and I need to get it out ahhh" situation. I'm just playing things differently for my personal state. Sorry if this comes off a bit mean Anyways, on a lighter note, I'll definitely be releasing the blend in the scrapyard so we can have some new custom World Finals!
  4. The Plan for WF18

    Just to clear something up. Currently, there are no problems of stress or "rushing" any part of the track from me. I'm simply doing this duel release thing so I don't feel I have to get it out as soon and those things in previously mentioned don't become a problem in the future. I don't want to put any stress on myself, so I'm taking procautionary efforts to assure I don't. Remember, I'm doing this for both you guys and myself. I really like making tracks for this site, and don't want it to be ruined by a silly project
  5. The Plan for WF18

    Alright, I thought about this for a little while, and here's the solution I came up with to satisfy myself and everyone in this community toward WF18. So as you could probably guess, I'm getting a lot of people asking me about WF18, which is totally fine, I understand the excitement (Im not one to complain). Now, about a month ago I finished up racing, as you probably saw on SYP. I felt great it was done, even a bit of relief based on how long it took. However, I totally forgot to consider that I still had to make Freestyle! This put me back at square one, as I needed to put just as much effort back in to the freestyle version as I did for racing. With this, I started working on it, but as of now, it's not going as fast as I would've wanted. Between real life things and less and less passion for the project, I'm just not getting much done. Therefore, I've decided that I'm going to release the racing track separate from the freestyle track. This will both satisfy everyone eagerly awaiting the track, and put way less stress on me. Now, you're probably thinking, when's this stuff going to be released? Well, for the racing version, which the high quality version is 100% done for, I would expect 1-2 weeks. Now, notice how I said high quality. The racing version probably has the most meshes/shapes out of any track on this site. Therefore, if your computer is not the best, like mine, you might not be able to run it to your liking. I was testing it with my laptop I normally run ROR on, which is not even a gaming computer, and there were some trucks I couldn't spawn in as without the game crashing. However, for the trucks I could spawn, such as the 2017 Avengers, Mutant, V4s, etc, I got no additional lag and ran my normal frame rate. With this being said, over the next week or two, I'm going to develop two more versions: an FPS version and a super FPS version. This difference between them will be the regular FPS will still look nice, just be missing some of the fancy details, and the super FPS will just have the collidable stuff, with pretty much no pointless details. Then for freestyle, honestly, I'm going to predict a date after March. Currently, at the time of this post, I'm almost done with the far pad. Still need the other one and to texture it all. Again, this will have 3 versions. Hope you guys like this plan as much as I do and can't wait to see what you think of the track!
  6. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    I mean Dragon did one at Toronto this year on Saturday, but other than that, u right lol EDIT Sh!t read it wrong, Dragon did one after the show lol not after his run
  7. Show Your Project Chapter 61

    Looking really good so far! Glad your starting to bake stuff, creates a way more realistic feel
  8. Birmingham Triple Threat 2018

    Why would you even be hitting the crowd in the first place? And for the wall just don't hit the top...(you'd be done irl anyways, so just drive realistic I guess). sorry the track isn't working out for everyone
  9. Welcome to NAMT

    I'd totally be down to make some tracks if you need me! Love making customs
  10. Birmingham Triple Threat 2018

    Yeah, I really need to stop doing that lol. I think the problem is that I really like separating meshes and what not in blender into thirds and fourths, rather than just creating new verts. This leaves an unnecessary amount of verts that I just incorporate into other parts (that's why some pad ramps have so many). I will try and fix this habit in later tracks. Also, if anyone is getting an unusual amount of lag, let me know and I'll work to create a better version *With the cars, I was trying to make them have softer edges like they do in real life, and not boxy like they typically are in game
  11. (tracks) Birmingham Triple Threat 2018

    View File Birmingham Triple Threat 2018 Now you have no excuse not to execute those perfect moonwalks 👌. Really like how this one came out, only took like 4 days to make, enjoy! Credits: Me- Pad, wall textures, other textures @RockCrwlr- Car textures @maxdman- Some texturees and models Idk who made the stadium model, can't find it Submitter Chris 🅱️ Submitted 01/17/2018 Category Tracks  
  12. Birmingham Triple Threat 2018

    Version 1.0.0


    Now you have no excuse not to execute those perfect moonwalks 👌. Really like how this one came out, only took like 4 days to make, enjoy! Credits: Me- Pad, wall textures, other textures @RockCrwlr- Car textures @maxdman- Some texturees and models Idk who made the stadium model, can't find it
  13. Rigs of Rods Monster Truck Challenge Season 1 Sign - ups

    Look above you, just signed up in that truck! Lol
  14. Rigs of Rods Monster Truck Challenge Season 1 Sign - ups

    Name: Chris Bialek Discord: Chris B#5044 80s truck: AMPM Rocket (I know it's broken, but Im fixing it, will attach updated truck file when done) 90s truck: Firestone Wilderness (Probably going to be updating it, but for now, using Tom P's)