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  1. Chris B

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    More WRA hype
  2. Chris B

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    Don't worry, I'm still dead. This is just something I made over summer that I forgot about until earlier today, should be for WRA in a few months
  3. When are you gonna release the wild side truck?

  4. Chris B

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    Did you press “set smooth”? Because if not, that’s why your jumps are blocky.
  5. Chris B

    Grave Digger XIV

    Damn, an actually complete credit section. Haven’t even downloaded yet but instant 5 stars
  6. One of the best leagues I've ever seen on this website, awesome job @DannyMackey and crew! Fun to be a part of even though I sucked (for the most part, I did sneak that freestyle win in tho)
  7. Chris B


    Version 1.0.0


    Showtime's finally done! My truck for NAMT, SMRA and whatever other custom leagues come around. Have fun, and don't forget to turn the lights down and try driving around... she glows real nice Credits: Me- assembly, material file, digital display, SUR emblem, some props, paint Fern and Andrew- a good majority of the props used Johan- tires Everything else- Sim Monsters community Please remember that this is my personal custom and you may not run this for any leagues! Besides, you'd look pretty silly running a truck with my name on it!
  8. Chris B

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    Best thing I've ever made for this site
  9. Chris B

    STS Sign-Ups (Open 6/6/18 @ 9:00 P.M. EST)

    Uh let’s try this Chris Bialek Truck: Identity Theft Discord: u have it http://sim-monsters.com/files/file/1536-identity-theft/ Might tune the shocks a bit, legally of course
  10. Chris B

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    Still needs props, new tires and an engine.
  11. Chris B

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    I'm extremely satisfied with the last couple of projects 👌 11/10
  12. Chris B

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    Pirate Music Intensifies
  13. Chris B

    NAMT 2018 Individual Sign-Ups (CLOSED)

    Driver: Chris Bialek Truck: Showtime Discord: Chris B#5044 Hometown (Optional): Chicago Illinois Download- TBA (Really behind schedule with this one, gotta hustle now 😬) Truck Song- TBA
  14. Chris B

    Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Major upset alert, driver of the Thor truck overseas Peter Nyman gets his first Monster Jam win as he takes racing in Cardiff Wales!
  15. Chris B

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    Thanks for the feedback! Anyhow, I was just using the body from Overkill Evo, which just incorporates the little piece into the paint/wrap. I like the whole idea of a racer back, and honestly I was having some troubles figuring out what to put in that area (the Monster logo ended up looking the best). I definitely am going to keep some sort of extension, but we’ll see if there’s a racer back out there I can slap on and expirement with. Good idea honestly tho