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  1. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    Yeah these are some great suggestions! I know the banners on the tower will work for sure, but the officials im going to have to expirement with, we'll see how it looks
  2. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    I don't think I'm ever gonna be content with how it looks. Added skyline and stuff to spruce things up, will be pushed back in game (right now it's just that close because the depth on Blender is gay). Any suggestions of cool details to add? I'm open. Probably gonna mess around with things for another week and then export.
  3. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    2018 Pirates Curse DONE BOOM I WIN GIVE UP
  4. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    Pyro Maniac's done
  5. Season 4 Sign Up (CLOSED)

    Have You Participated in SMRA Prior to this Season?: NopeName: Chris Bialek Hometown: Chicago, IllinoisPreferred Event Day: FridayTruck Name: PyroManiacTruck Download Link: Still in the shop... link TBA Team Name: Steal-Your-BKTs RacingShop Location: Louisville, KyCaptain: Chris BialekBudget: 20,000 DollarsMembers: Frank Collins and Chris BialekTouring Partners/Groups: Frank and Chris
  6. Show Your Projects Chapter 60

    Redid Racing! (ik the colors suck, gonna be fixed)
  7. Meents Jam

    Version 1.0.0


    So Tom got really high one night and decided to put on a show in his backyard. Yeah.... so this happened Credits: Maxdman Me Klayton Probably a ton of other people I forgot Racing is supposed to be difficult (you'll see, the turns are cut differently than normal). Just practice on it. Should work on every version, but yeah... uhh idk lol.
  8. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    In case you did not realize, this is a custom track that's set in Tom Meents's backyard (re-purposed Maxdman's MJ university model). It includes a dueling double backflip ramp, extended Chicago style racing, and a food court (ye). Expect release this weekend!
  9. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    Yeah, Ill probably end up exporting it like 4-5 times to adjust the ramps and stuff I'm pretty sure I can get that to work by putting a code in the material file. I'll just need to expirement with some already used on trucks and make them work on the track.
  10. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    Also, I KNOW yalls wanna some of that WF... Don't expect the WF to be done for a looooooooonnnnnnngggggggggg time. I'm going hard af on it lol
  11. Show Your Projects Chapter 59

    No, actually that track was created by Aaron Lurie, and we simply just converted it from BeamNG (where it was released). The only thing I did was convert the files into Rigs of Rods. The track will not be "released" from me because it is not mine and currently is for personal use.
  12. Weird truck Shine/Glare

    Make sure that no textures in your material file have: diffuse 1.000000 1.000000 1.000000 specular 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.250000 If they do, then that code is what's creating the shine. Sometimes blender exports with those attached. Simply just delete those two lines and the glare should go away. Don't delete anything else tho
  13. How do you make Lexan see-through?

    Use Edy's transparency tutorial
  14. (tracks) Arlington 2017

    View File Arlington 2017 Another thing. Pretty simple track to make, enjoy! Credits me klayton maxdman This should work on all versions, tested on .4.7 and .38 Submitter Chris B Submitted 08/09/2017 Category Tracks  
  15. Arlington 2017

    Version 1.0.0


    Another thing. Pretty simple track to make, enjoy! Credits me klayton maxdman This should work on all versions, tested on .4.7 and .38