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  1. Okay I fixed some things and am happy with how the track now looks. Behold! New mini bus (it will be non collidable on the track but with a fitted invisible box)
  2. 😂 Yep they are. Fun fact the track was originally going to be the Monster X show they did there, so it’s the same set up as that in the stands
  3. Yeah I really wanted to make as many combos from pad to pad as possible (like think of that little ramp monster jam has in the corner of all their tracks). That's why so many are angled toward different areas.
  4. Funny story, when I was making World Finals 18, the thought came to me "should I make a whole track with 3D fans?" I thought of course not, that would be impossible. But here I am now, making my last track before I go to college, with yes, 100% 3D fans.
  5. Awesome looking banners, but please please please don't use that crowd texture, totally kinda ruins the vibe. Use a higher quality bake and actually try and map out the stands with walkways and stuff. Or try 3D fans if you're super cool
  6. There is one (kind of): Granted these all might need to be converted to .4, but there's a bunch of old stuff in here.
  7. Yes, the time you receive will be in red in the top right corner of your screen. The lights are not supposed to work
  8. You used my digital strip things I made for Southaven as wall banners? And you thought I wouldn't notice 😝
  9. I had this same problem while working on the yellow for WF18 (I was also using overlay). The first methods I found that worked best was copying and pasting multiple overlays over each other. This however then made it harder to erase for wear and tear. However the other method i found was to just lighten up the dirt beneath (like just that section, keep the rest of the dirt the normal dark color). Then to make wear and tear just clone stamp the dirt over it (you can edit brushes the exact same whether it be using the eraser or clone stamp) That’s my just my experience with it from WF18. You can also try different blend modes other than overlay if that’s an option
  10. Your ramps are very steep
  11. Drive Name: Chris Bialek Driver Discord: Already in there Truck Name: Destroyer
  12. Chris B


    Version 1.0.0


    Concept I had, came out really nice! Turn lights down, have fun Credits: Me- Digital Screens, Rage logo, design and prop placement FernBurn- Props Andrew- Props Kozak- Chassis Sweg- The original truck Mark Sim Monster Community
  13. "Broooooooooooo you gotta make a sick Rage body for the WRA World Finals" "No....that's just what they'll be expecting..." EDIT New Digital Screen Idea I had, worked out nicely
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