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  1. _lil_frigg_(bus 153)

    grave digger flare not found ?

    the way the pack was made had the gravediggerredflare.dds in a different spot then were it comes if you just unpack it.
  2. tired from searching all night for a floorboard2.mesh

  3. _lil_frigg_(bus 153)

    grave digger flare not found ?

    gravediggerredflare.dds is in the smv4 you just have to physically put it into your trucks folder. go to rigs of rods folder where you can see the logs vehicles terrains and packs at once. then type in search bar gravediggerre and you should be able to find it. i have this problem with most vehicles i get from sim-monsters.
  4. _lil_frigg_(bus 153)

    Bigfoot 5

    are you talking about this one? https://www.google.com/search?sa=G&q=bigfoot+5&tbm=isch&tbs=simg:CAQSZxplCxCo1NgEGgQIAAgDDAsQsIynCBo8CjoIAhIU7ybwJpwciiTpJo8k5SaQJPsmoyMaIBmNbeOxgF4O9r7avfrdf4Zi-WMrNuQhkv77iMMYtK8GDAsQjq7-CBoKCggIARIEg73xOAw&ei=ROStU9uSPMj4oATO1ICoBQ&ved=0CBwQ2A4oAQ&biw=1158&bih=711#facrc=_&imgrc=lh5rf4HfMEtN9M%253A%3BnEeV1LyhJOiQ2M%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fcdn1.bigcommerce.com%252Fserver3400%252F59f87%252Fproducts%252F80%252Fimages%252F197%252Fp-bf5_500__36893.1310676391.1280.1280.jpg%253Fc%253D2%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fstore.bigfoot4x4.com%252Fproducts%252FBIGFOOT%2525C2%2525AE-%2525235-16''-x-20''-Poster.html%3B500%3B402
  5. _lil_frigg_(bus 153)

    Anaheim 2014 (Show 2)

    first off this "thing" is freaking awesome and second love the track. looks great keep up the great work
  6. _lil_frigg_(bus 153)

    Full V4 Breakable pack

    i downloaded it and installed it, but there was no rim meshes... it was just .TRUCK files and nothing else.can you update the pack so that nothing is missing?